Upon admission, all students receive a five-year fellowship support package which is comprised of a combination of fellowship(s) and teaching assistantships. These support packages provide students with a stipend or salary, as well as tuition and health insurance coverage.

For U.S. citizens who are non-residents of California, it is students’ responsibility to establish California residency by the beginning of their second year, which will exempt them from all future nonresident tuition bills. Please see http://www.reg.uci.edu/residency/classification.html for information on how to establish residency. For international students, we strive to cover non-resident tuition.

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Fellowships and Teaching Assistantships (Funding)
Additional Financial Support

All applicants who are not citizens of countries where English is either the primary or dominant language, as approved by the Graduate Council, and who wish to be considered for a Teaching Assistantship (TA) appointment must meet the English Language Proficiency Requirements for International TAs International applicants should refer to the additional information provided by UC Irvine Graduate Division about qualifications, language testing, etc.