Join us for the French Film Series this Fall Quarter in McCormick Screening Room HG 1070

All screenings start at 6PM & are Free and open to the public

Wednesday, December 6th, 2023:

Climax (Gaspar Noé, Psychological/Horror, 2018)

Climax is an experimental psychological horror film that is set in 1996 and follows a French dance troupe holding a days-long rehearsal in an abandoned school; the final night of rehearsing is a success, but the group's celebratory after-party takes a dark turn when the communal bowl of sangria is spiked with LSD, sending each of the dancers into agitated, confused, and psychotic states. The jubilant rehearsal descends into a dark and explosive nightmare as the dancers try to survive the night -- and find out who's responsible -- before it's too late.

Presenter: Laura Klein