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Language Course Overview
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Fundamental Japanese

Intermediate Japanese

Advanced Japanese

Literary Journal (文芸ページ)by

3rd Year Japanese classes of 2009-2010

3rd Year Japanese classes of 2008-2009

Fourth-Year Japanese (101A-B-C)Fall 2007-Spring 2008...Literary Journal 文芸書評 

Classical Japanese (100A-B) Fall 2007-Spring 2008

Foreign Language Pedagogy

International Christian University−UC Joint Program in Contemporary Japanese Culture

Offered Classes: Please check the UCI website: http://websoc.reg.uci.edu/perl/WebSoc

Instructors ... Fall 2010... Winter 2010 ... Spring 2009

EALL Departmental Events and Community Events (Updated on 10/27/2009)

Movie "Okuribito" and Rakugo (traditional Japanese comic story telling Open to public

Japanese Videoconference (JVC) Announcement (Fall 2009)

Third Japanese Cultural Showcase 2008, Saturday, May 10, 1:00-4:30 at HIB 100.
Photos Award Winners Flyer in English; Flyer in Japanese

CSULA Speech Contest (2009)

2008 Lunar New Year Festival (Year of the Rat), 2/13 (Wed), at Emerald Bay C in Student Center, 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. ***Kimono no kitsuke [How to dress Kimonot} Animated!!
Sumo (useful link: Various wrestling tricks) Animationeft"相撲決り手"erethre

First Annual Japanese Cultural Showcase, 2005
Detail, Award Winners,
Photos taken by Jacky Pablo,
: by Kendall Stewart

Second Annual Japanese Cultural Showcase, 2006 Award Winners

UCI 5th Annual Speech Contest Results&Photos

Nihongo o Hanasukai [map here] For more information, http://www.hanasukai.com
(Practice Speaking Japanese with native speakers)

Grants and Scholarships

2008 RAINBOW STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM TO JAPAN THIS SUMMER - a 4 week "Study Tour in Japan" for student whose parent(s) is/are deceased or permanently disabled.
(Application deadline=May 14, 2008. Please ask your instructor for more detail.)

BRIDGING SCHOLARSHIPS FOR STUDY ABROAD IN JAPAN...Application deadline for Fall 2008 is April 7, 2008
For Spring 2009 is October 6, 2008.

MONBUSHO SCHOLARSHIP (www.la.us.emb-japan.go.jp)...Application deadline is March 4, 2008

In Aspect of Japan(by Jeff Punyasavatsut)*PowerPointPresentation

Typing Japanese on Windows XP

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