Intermediate Japanese

The objective of the Japanese 2A-2B-2C series aims to help students to improve their communication skills in more complicated situations and on more abstract topics, and to foster students in becoming competent and culturally-literate users of Japanese. Students will not only learn about Japanese culture and society, but also are expected to become able to acquire and construct knowledge of culture on their own and express their thoughts and opinions regarding these issues by the end of the series. Students will learn more advanced grammatical patterns and useful expressions in Japanese and expand their vocabulary. About 330 more Kanji will be introduced.

Japanese 2A-B-C

<ポリシー>Academic HonestyForeign Langauge Requirement Policies set by the Humaniteis Department
オンライン辞書:On-line dictionaries> Jim Breen's Websitealcchuutakantangopop jishorikai
<ペーパー For writing paper>添削(てんさく)サイト(paper correction site)Lang-8Google DocsHow to Install Japanese FontHow to Type in JapaneseUseful Expressions for Writing

Japanese 2A (2014)

<シラバス>Syllabus (2014) & Class Schedule (2014)
<エキストラクレジット>Journal (2014)Conversation Partner (2014)Pleasure Reading (2014)JLPT Listening (2014)Japanese Video Conference (2013)
<漢字(かんじ)リスト>Kanji List (2013)Kanji List for JPN 1ABC (Yookoso vol. 1)
<宿題(しゅくだい) のこたえ(Workbook Answer Key>
Chapter 1...Listening; Writing Chapter 2...Listening; Writing Chapter 3...Listening; Writing; Activity 14 in the textbook (p. 152) Chapter 4...Listening; Writing
<ロールプレイ>Role Play Instruction (2013)
<ペーパー>Paper#1 (2013)Paper#2 (2013)sample of mistakes

試験(しけん)>Information about Final Exam (2013)Information about Midterm Exam (2013)
<ディベート>Debate Nagai/Flores (2013)
<プロジェクト>Final Speaking Project 12/4 and12/5 (2013)6th UCI Japanese Speech Contest

<読み物>Reading Practice
<動詞(どうし)>Conversation Practice: Transitive/Intransitive Verbs Transitive/Intransitive Verbs
<文法(ぶんぽう)>Grammar HintsGrammar PracticeChapter 3: Review sheet Grammar Review for C. 1-3あげる/もらう/くれる
<漢字(かんじ)>Kanji Review Sheet ("Yookoso" Chapters 1-3)
<Japanese Video Conference Materials 2009> Meeting #1; Activities in Japan ; Meeting #2 EnryoPresidential Campaine;Meeting #3Meeting #4
<CBI Materials> Topic 1;Topic 2; Topic 3
<Other> Mazda Familia (Activity 27 on p.163)

Japanese 2B (2015)

<シラバス>Syllabus (2015) & Schedule(2015)
>Journal (2015)Conversation Partner (2015)Pleasure Reading (2015)JLPT Listening (2015)JVC-Japanese Video Conference (2014)
<漢字(かんじ)リスト> Kanji List for JPN 2B (2014)Animated Stroke Order of Kanji in Yookoso textbookKanji List for JPN 2AKanji List for JPN 1ABC (Yookoso vol. 1)
<試験(しけん)>Information about Final Exam (2014)Information about Midterm (2014)
<プロジェクト>News Report Project (2014)
<ディベート>Speaking Activity 2 Debate (2014)Useful Expressions for Speaking
<ペーパー>Paper#2 (2014)Paper #1 (2014)Tips to get a good grade on your paperUseful Expressions for Writing

<ロールプレイ>Speaking Activity 1 Roleplay (2014)

<文法(ぶんぽう)>Grammar Review for Japanese 2BGrammar Review: Causative-PassiveGrammar Hints for Chap 4-6Grammar Explanation for janai/n janai?
<敬語(けいご)>Honorific PracticeHonorific Mini Quiz(1)Honorific mini Quiz (2)
<読み物>Reading PracticeChapter4&5:Living in JapanReading "Structural Critique"
<年賀状(ねんがじょう)>Let's send e-card NENGAJOO!
<日本の地理>Geography of Japan桜前線
<ゴミ>Image # 1Image # 2 京都議定書(きょうとぎていしょ); Kyoto Protocol Article#1#2

Japanese 2C (2014)

<シラバス>Syllabus (2014) & Class Schedule (2014)
<エキストラクレジット>The 8th UCI Japanese Speech Contest (2014)Journal (2014)Conversation Partner (2014)JVC-Japanese Video Conference (2014)Japan Film Festival (2014)Pleasure Reading (2014)JLPT Listening (2014)
<ファイナル・プロジェクト>Final Presentation: "Let's Think about Another Culture!"(Nagai 2014)Final Presentation (Flores 2014)
<試験>Final Exam (2014)
Roleplay (2014)
<ペーパー>Paper #2 (2014)Paper #1 (2014)Useful Expressions for Writing
<ディベート>Debate (2014)Useful Expressions for the Debate

<データを見て、日本について考えよう> Data/ statistics for use with "Let's Think about Japan! "
<訳>Homework: Chapter 2 Kaiwa-bun Translation (2009);Chapter 4: Kaiwa-bun Translation Exercise (2009);Chapter 4: Grammar & Expressions

Kanji 漢字

UCI Jp1A-2C 漢字リストKanji Classifiers/RadicalsKanji Stroke Order for all other kanji
Animated Stroke Order of Kanji in Yookoso textbook Please click the icon of "Yookoso Book 2" under "Kanji Study Lists (by textbook)."

Useful links

Travel guide宿泊施設: Hotel ;Minshuku
あいづちAizuchi Response Chart
Grammar Reference []
Concentration Game [Yookoso version] Try Me!!!
Let's send e-card NENGAJOO! 年賀状
Gomiゴミ: Image # 1 Image # 2; Kyoto Protocol Article京都議定書 #1, #2

Useful links for Let's think about Japan 日本について考えよう!

Chapter 1: EDUCATION 教育...

Chapter 2: SHAKAIJIN 社会人..."Torabaayu" - job-listing site
新入社員意識調査「派遣」 「インターンシップ」意識調査(2006) 就職活動意識調査(2005)就職活動スケジュール(2002)入社試験(筆記、面接)人気企業ランキング(2006); Aptitude Tests 就職適性診断(毎日キャリアナビ)職業適性テスト人材に関する企業からのメッセージ(経団連1998年)「学校名不問」 アンケート調査結果 (check p.14)採用についてのアンケート調査結果(リクナビ Youtube)

Chapter 3: KEKKON 結婚...Wedding Sample Video (1)Wedding Sample Video (2)Shinzen-kekkon-shiki Shooshi-ka Statistics日本の女性の結婚観 (意識調査)

Chapter 4: YOKA 余暇...JTB; Kintetsu;"Golden Week";旅行統計 (2004) ;海外旅行アンケート調査結果

Chapter 5: FAMILY 家族...Working Women - Gov't Statistics; Survey on "Family"
Dookyo - figure; Dookyo - reasons; Fathers' Role; Child Rearing Responsibility (satisfaction level)

For fun!

Onomatopoeia (擬態語、擬声語)
Tezuka Osamu (手塚治)

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