Fundamental Japanese

The objective of Japanese 1A-1B-1C is to guide students in developing facility in basic Japanese. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of the language needed to survive in Japan in basic daily life situations. Students will learn most of the basic grammar of Japanese and to read and write Hiragana, Katakana, and about 175 Kanji (Chinese characters).

Japanese 1A-B-C

<原稿用紙(げんこうようし)>Print Form of Plain Paper for Composition (4 pages)
How to Use Genkooyooshi; Print Form of Genkooyooshi (2 pages)
<日本語(にほんご)のタイプの仕方(しかた)>How to Install Japanese FontHow to Type in Japanese

<漢字の部首> Kanji Radicals: All about Radicals ; Common Kanji Radicals

Academic Honesty:
<ポリシー>Foreign Langauge Requirement Policies set by the Humaniteis Department Please read this!

Japanese 1A

<シラバス>Syllabus (2014) & Class Schedule (2014)
<Extra Credit>Journal (2014)Conversation Partner (2014)Pleasure Reading (2014)JLPT Listening (2014)
<試験(しけん)>Information on Final Exam (2014)
<発音(はつおん)>Essential Sounds in Japanese
<カタカナ>Katakana Word List
<動詞(どうし)>1A Basic Verb List
Getting Started: Practice Reading
<文法(ぶんぽう)>List of Grammar
<助詞 (じょし) > Particles in Japanese
<科目(かもく)と専攻(せんこう)>School Subjects and Majors 
<第一章(だいいっしょう)>List of Q & A from Ch.1
<写真(しゃしん)>Photos: Koban & Shinkansen

Japanese 1B

<シラバス>Syllabus (2015) & Schedule(2015)
<Extra Credit>Journal (2015)Conversation Partner(2015)Pleasure Reading (2015)JLPT Listening (2015)JVC Japanese Video Conference (2015)Japanese Speech Contest (2015)
<試験(しけん)>Final Exam Information (2015)
<プロジェクト>Final Project (2015)Reference: Official travel guide "Yokoso Japan!"
<動詞(どうし)>TE and TA Form SongsVerb Conjugation List1B Basic Verb List
<形容詞(けいようし)>Adjective ConjugationAdjectives for Personal Description
<副詞(ふくし)>Expressions of Time and Frequency

Japanese 1C

<シラバス>Syllabus(2013) & Schedule(2013)
<漢字(かんじ)リスト>Kanji List (2012)
<Extra Credit>The 8th UCI Japanese Speech Contest (2014) The 7th UCI Japanese Speech Contest (2013)Journal (2013)Conversation Partner(2013)JVC Japanese Video Conference (2013)Japan Film Festival (2013)Pleasure Reading (2013) : JLPT Listening (2013)
<作文>Composition #2 Assignment;Composition #1 Assignment (2013Kimura/Haraguchi's classes)
<試験>Final Project (2013 Haraguchi's/ Kimura's class)Information about Final Exam (2013)
Information about Midterm (2013)
<しゅみ> すもうyoutube
<アクティビティー>Class Activity思う(ch6)Class Activity:たい、思う (ch6)
<読み物>Reading Practice1 (Ch5)Reading Practice2(Ch6 & 7)
<会話>Short Dialoguesことがある(ch6)Dialouge, Volitional Form(ch6): Short Dialogues ながら、ている・くる(ch6)Short Dialogues 時 (ch7)Shopping Conversation (ch7)Review Conversation(ch7)

Summer Session I (Japanese 1AB) 2015

<シラバス> Syllabus (2015) & Schedule (2015)
<Extra Credit>Journal(2015) Conversation Partner (2015)Pleasure Reading (2015)JLPT Listening (2015)

Summer Session II (Japanese 1BC) 2014

<シラバス> Syllabus (2014) & Schedule (2014)
<漢字(かんじ)リスト>Kanji List (2014)
<作文> Composition 1 (2014) ;

<試験(しけん)>;Information on Final Exam (2014)
<動詞(どうし)>Basic Verb List Verb Conjugation ListTE and TA Form Songs
<Extra Credit> Journal (2014)Conversation Partner (2014)
Pleasure Reading (2014)JLPT Listening (2014)

Useful Links

On-line Dictionaries オンライン辞書(じしょ)
alcchuuta kantangopopjishorikai

Hiragana ひらがな
Stroke order for Hiragana (animation)Hiragana Practice

Katakana カタカナ
Stroke order for Katakana (animation)Katakana Practice

Kanji 漢字
Stroke Order for Kanji (Yookoso Version) including animated kanji
Please click the icon of "Yookoso Book 1" under "Kanji Study Lists (by textbook)"
Yookoso Kanji PracticeAnimated stroke order for kanji (limited kanji)

 Video Series: YAN and THE JAPANESE PEOPLE ヤンさんと日本の人々
The Characters

Learn Japanese (Language Learning Library)

Currency in Japan お金(かね)(Chapter 2, 7)
Japanese Currency

National Holidays in Japan 祝祭日(しゅくさいじつ)(Chapter 3)
Japanese Holidays and more

 Weather天気予報(よほう)(Chapter 4)
Weather Reports in Japan (Animated)
[Choose one of the links, and Click either one, such as <高画質版/ライト版>]

Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) 書道(Chapter 5)
Japanese Calligraphy: History, Styles

Dining in Japan 食事(Chapter 6)
McDonald's Menu

Color List 色 (Chapter 7)
Japanese Traditional Color

Palm Reading: 手相(てそう)
Palm Reading

Public Signs 道路標識(どうろひょうしき)・公共(こうきょう)サイン

For Fun

Onomatopoeia (擬態語、擬声語)
Tezuka Osamu (手塚治)
Let's send e-card NENGAJOO! 年賀状

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