Director's Message

Founded in 2016, the Center for Critical Korean Studies is one of the youngest Korea-focused research institutes in North America, if not the world. Being young, we are full of enthusiasm and willing to be adventurous. “Critical” in our name is not only a reminder of our determination to be relevant to society through our research, teaching, and community engagement. It is also a reminder of our vision of audacity to encourage the faculty and students to set new research agendas and pursue innovative approaches. In the past two years, we got off the ground and grew fast, and we are excited about the prospect of our further growth. Certainly, we have years of hard work and challenges ahead of us. To continuously flourish, we need the support and friendship of fellow adventurers who share our determination and vision. I hope you will join us in our adventure into our future success.

Serk Bae Suh
Professor of East Asian Languages & Literature
Faculty Director of CCKS