Graduate Students

Anastasia Baginski

B.A. in English, University of California Irvine, 2012

Research Interests: 20th century poetic movements in the United States and Mexico, critical theory, queer theory, border studies, translation and hemispheric studies

Ashwin Bajaj

M.A. English, UC Santa Barbara (2018)
B.A. English (2009), M.A. English (2011), M.Phil. (2014), University of Delhi

Research Interests: Continental philosophy, Critical Theory, Philosophy of history, Dialectical thought, Historical novel, Postcolonial Literature, Theories of the Novel, Feminist Studies

Robert Barrett

B.A. in English/Lib. Studies, Sonoma State University, 2013

Certificate of Thai Studies, Pridi Banamyong International College, Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand, 2011

Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA), Cambridge English,  2006

Research Interests: LGBTQ literature, film, visual and performing arts; Queer Theory; AIDS activism, trauma, and the literary, visual and performing arts; Feminist and Queer Fantasy and Speculative/Science Fiction; Abjection, Shame, Stigma and Transgression; Transnational Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Translocal Queer Networks; Southeast Asia; Latin America.

Edward Batres

B.A. in French and International Relations, University of Redlands, 2016

Research Interests: Francophone and Hispanic Caribbean literature; anti-colonialism; contemporary African literature in the Métropole; blackness in Latin America; France's management of diversity within its Republic and the overseas community, relevance and implementation of French national values in overseas territories, self-determination of the Kanak people in New Caledonia; translation theory; orientalism in 19th century art

Michael Berlin

B.A. in Liberal Arts, Sarah Lawrence College, New York, 2011

Research Interests: Building off of the two years that he spent in the PhD program in classics, Michael's dissertation focuses on the imagined continuities and ruptures between the present and the archaic past in the poetry of early modern Europe. Of interest, as well, are the ways in which 20th century literary critics have projected modernist assumptions onto these relationships. Michael's theoretical interests include post-colonial theory, critical race theory, and environmental studies.
For more information see his website.

Ashley Call


M.A. in English Literature, Claremont Graduate School, 2017
B.A. in English Literature, Brigham Young University, 2014

Research Interests: U.S. Literature 19-20th Century, Religion and Secularism; Political Theory; Critical Theory; Translation Studies; Settler Colonialism: Zionism and the American West; Millenarianism and Utopias

Daniel Carnie

B.A. in Comparative Literature, UCLA 2012;

David Carter

M.A. in Individualized Study, 2016
B.A. in Philosophy, UC Santa Cruz, 2006

Williston Chase

M.A. international relations and african studies, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 2010
B.A. philosophy, University of California, Los Angeles 2008

Research Interests: 20th century Latin American literature, film, and culture; critical theory; critical university studies; neoliberalism; anarchist pedagogies

Ssu-Yu Chen


M.A. English, National Central University, Taiwan (2016)
B.A. Foreign Language & Literature, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan (2012)

Research Interests: Gender & Sexualities Studies, Gender Governance, Critical Race Theory, Theory of the State, History of Nationalism and Nation-Building, Affect Theory, Phenomenology, Political Theory, Historiography in East Asia, Postcolonialism in East Asia

Carlos Colmenares Gil

Colmenares GilDegrees:
M.A. in Philosophy and Critical Theory, Kingston University, London, 2012
B.A. in Psychology, Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, 2009

Research Interests: Latin American thought, contemporary Latin American literature, film, essay as form, scientificity of form, negativity, mediation, continental philosophy, psychoanalysis.

Rose DuCharme

B.A. in English and French Studies, Scripps College, 2014

Research Interests: Transatlantic modernism; feminist and queer studies; critical race studies; affect; literary and aesthetic engagements with subjectivity, structure, and space.

John Gillespie


B.S. Philosophy and Religious Studies, Towson University, 2017

Research Interest: Black Literature, Theory and Performance Studies; Science, Technology and Society studies; Continental philosophy; Psychoanalysis; Anti-psychiatry and Madness Studies.

James Goebel


B.A. in Philosophy, California State University, Fullerton 2011

Research Interests:20th Century Literatures of the U.S. Southwest Deserts; Critical Animal and Environmental Studies; Ecocriticism and Place Studies; History and Philosophy of Science and Ecology; New Materialism and Posthumanism    

Lillian Goldberg


B.A. in Political Studies and Visual Studies, Bard College at Simon's Rock, 2017

Research interests: political theory; feminist theory (feminism as method); film, poetics, and related questions of genre and form; postcolonial studies; 20th century Francophone philosophy and literature

Laura Hatch

B.A. in Humanities and German, minor in Scandinavian studies, Brigham Young University, 2013

Research Interests: Embodiment; phenomenology; Medieval and Early Modern literature and visual art

Crystal Hickerson


M.A., SUNY Buffalo, 2008

Research interests: aesthetics and models of thought; intersections between poetry, continental philosophy, urban design and visual culture; problematics of voice, style, and tone in discourse; hybridity and genre; poetic novels of 20th c. Latin America and postmodern world literature; modernisms and the avant-garde

Sarah Hoenicke


B.A. English and Creative Writing, Mills College

M.S. Journalism, UC Berkeley

Interests: Postcoloniality, South Asia, Sri Lankan literature and culture, Anglophone and diaspora literatures, creative writing, longform nonfiction


Anders Johnson


B.A. in Rhetoric, UC Berkeley, 2013

Research Interests: continental philosophy, with an emphasis in german idealism and existentialism; rhetoric, understood as the phenomenology of language; the tension between hermeneutics and poetics; nihilism; morbidity; tragedy

Wujun Ke


BA Comp Lit, University of Chicago, 2013

Research interests: Medical humanities; immigration and transnational/trans-cultural identities; feminist theory and critical race theory; East Asian history; autobiography; liberation movements.

Joseph Christian Labagnao Ligunas

Labagnao LigunasDegrees:
B.A. in English, University of California, Los Angeles, 2016

Research interests: Pilipinx studies; Pilipinx literature; transnationalism; colonial historiography; travel narratives; poetry; film; postcolonial studies; multicultural literature; diaspora; short story forms; popular culture; visual arts; queer theory; issues of canon; critical theory.

Shiqi Lin

B.A. in Political Science and French & Francophone Studies, Vassar College, 2017

Research Interests: postcolonial and subaltern studies, political theory, hermeneutics, border thinking, ethnography, contemporary Chinese literature and film, historiography in East Asia, postcolonial francophone literature, urban political economy, documentary/literary nonfiction

Babak Mazloumi

M.A. in Humanities & Social Thought, New York University, 2015

Emphases: Critical Theory; Translation Studies

Research Interests: Contemporary Persian literature, literary translation (theory and practice), exile literature. 

Gayatri Mehra


Degrees: BA, MA, M.Phil in Literature, University of Delhi

Research Interests: Theorization(s) of Contemporary Indian culture, Contemporary Indian Writings in English, Indian Mass-Culture, Postcolonial Studies, Marxism. 

Amanda J. Mixon


BA English, Stephen F. Austin State University, 2010
MA Literature, Texas State University, 2013

Research Interests: Mixon's research and teaching interests include 20th-century U.S. literature and film, gender and sexuality studies, and comparative race studies, with specializations in literatures and media of U.S. social movements, multi-ethnic cultural productions about the U.S. south, and the intellectual and institutional history of queer theory. Their dissertation, Queerer, My God, to Thee: Twentieth-Century White Southern Lesbian Writers & Anti-Racist Praxis, frames Lillian Smith (1897-1966), Rita Mae Brown (1944-), Minnie Bruce Pratt (1946-), Mab Segrest (1949-), and Dorothy Allison (1949-) as a distinct political tradition whose concern with how people are trained to inhabit and (re)produce whiteness radically departs from anti-racist political thought and activism among white southern women of nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The project is currently supported by a 2019-2020 American Association of University Women Dissertation Fellowship and received archival research funding from Duke University, the University of Virginia, and UCI Humanities Commons.

Anannya Mukherjee


BA: English and Philosophy, Texas Christian University
MA: Philosophy, California State University, Los Angeles

Research Interests: Narrative, representation, adaptation and translation, online discourse and culture, queer theory and gender studies, postcolonialism (India), hermeneutics, critical theory, popular culture, fan culture, transnational Anglophonism

Nathaniel Murphy

B.A. In Philosophy, CSU Fullerton 2012.

Research Interests: Utopian and dystopian literature, science fiction, political and ethical theory, democratic theory, and the nature of justice

Fovad Oveisy

M.A. in Literatures of Modernity, Ryerson Polytechnic Institute, Canada, 2013
B.A. in Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada 2010

Rebecca Pallares

B.A. in Comparative Literature, UCI, 2016

Yassaman Rahimi

B.A in English and Cultural Studies, and Gender Studies, University of Western Australia, 2016

Research Interests: 20th Century Persian literature; intersection of Islam and Marxism; exile; diaspora.

Anandi Rao

M.A. in Literary Translation, University of East Anglia, 2013
B.A. in Arabic and English Literature, University of Edinburgh, 2010

Research Interests: translation theory, postcolonial studies, gender and nationalism, modern Arabic drama, Shakespeare in India, empire and cinema. 

Will Saladin

B.A. in Comparative Literature and French Studies, Smith College, 2013

Jon-David Settell


B.A. in English and World Literature, Pitzer College
M.S.W. in Clinical Social Work, Columbia University
M.A. in Comparative Literature, San Francisco State University

Research interests: Histories of psychoanalysis; critical theory; accumulation and enclosure; homelessness; Gothic Marxism; the picaresque novel; 20th century literature of the Americas.

Michael Simmons

B.A. in Philosophy, B.A. in Women's Studies, UCI, 2012

Kirsty Singer


B.A. in Gender Studies, Brown University, 2003

M.F.A., School of Critical Studies, California Institute of the Arts, 2010

Research Interests: mid-20th century & contemporary American poetry and poetics; impersonality; improvised forms of ethics, spirituality, and psychoanalysis in radical politics and poetic practice; phenomenology of racialized, gendered, and queered embodiment; racial-ontological crisis; intimate historiography; anarchist theories of psychosocial revolution, liberation praxes, and decolonial development paradigms; world literature and 18th C Orientalism.

Morgan Slade


B.A. in Comparative Literature, University of California Irvine, 2012

Research Interests: African American literature; Caribbean literature; psychoanalysis; critical theory

Ann Thuy-Ling Tran

B.A. in English, University of California, Los Angeles, 2017

Research Interests: comparative race studies, humor, and popular culture/ new media, cross-racial and multicultural comedy, language, accents, critical refugee studies  

Pragya Trivedi

M.A.History of Consciousness, University of California, Santa Cruz
B.A.Literary and Cultural Theory, Carnegie Mellon

Research Interests: visual culture, spatiality, postcolonial studies, popular Indian cinema, psychoanalysis 

Henry Ward

B.A.(Hons) in English & Cultural Studies, University of Western Australia, 2015

Research Interests: Marxism; critical theory; political theory; postcolonial/decolonial theory; colonialism and imperialism; postmodernity and globalization; theories of spatiality and mapping; anticolonial and socialist literary internationalisms.

Alexandra Yan

M.A. Comparative Literature, UC Riverside, 2016
B.A. Comparative Literature and Modern Languages, Boston University, 2012

Research Interests:  Modernism in German and Japanese literature, multi-ethnic empire, colonial and minor writers, colonial language policy, relationships between empire, race, and nation-state; formation of ethno-national narratives and subjectivity, hybridity (both linguistic and ethnic), postcolonialism in East Asia, and the concept of the human in German Idealism and Kyoto school philosophy.