The Arabic program at UCI is committed to the advancement of their students in their study of Arabic as well as their academic development. Communication is a complex process in any language. To have a simple conversation one must have knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and the ability to comprehend what the other is saying. Our courses prepare students to deal with these complexities by providing a comfortable and supportive learning environment as well as employing an integrated skills approach to language instruction through activities and assignments which integrate the four primary language skills of listening, reading, speaking, and writing as well as knowledge of vocabulary, pronunciation, syntax, meaning, and usage. Each class is an Arabic speaking community in which all students are expected to actively participate. Our understanding is that students will learn much more together and from each other than individually. In class, students will engage in role playing activities, watch videos and discuss them, write cards to family members in Arabic among other activities. Students are introduced to various study techniques and perspectives on learning and developing mastery of a subject. Our courses are very interactive and expect students to use the language as much as possible inside of class and out. We hope to make our class an Arabic speaking community in which all students actively participate. Students will learn much more together and from each other than individually. Fortunately UCI is situated among Arab communities and is not far from “little Arabia” providing students many opportunities to use the language.

For truly meaningful communication one is required to know what is appropriate to mention in a given situation and how best to express their thoughts. This type of communication requires the not only the study of vocabulary (the what to say) and grammar (the how to say it) but to also understanding of the culture and customs of the Arabs (the when to say what and how best to put it). The course familiarizes students with various topics related to Arab culture and history and organizes activities for students to meet and interact with the local Arab community.