Graduate Students

Kourosh Alizadeh

B.A., Philosophy, University of Colorado at Denver

Areas of Interests: The study of Kantian and Hegelian metaphysics, as well as Hegelian dialectic, serve as the focal points of my general interest in the history of philosophy. In contemporary philosophy it is metaphysics and epistemology, especially as related to questions of ontology, that most interest me.

Publications/ Presentations: “Physicalism, Qualia Inversion, and Conceivability Arguments”, Consortium Journal (2011)

Kyle Banick

M.A, Philosophy, University of California, Irvine
B.A, Philosophy, Chapman University

Christopher Bobier

M.A., Philosophy, UC Irvine
B.A., Philosophy, California State University, Fullerton

Areas of Interests: Medieval philosophy,Early modern philosophy, Philosophy of emotions, Ethics, Philosophy of religion, Epistemology

Simona Capisani

M.A., Philosophy, San Francisco State University
B.A., Interdisciplinary Humanities- Philosophy, University of San Diego

Areas of Interests: Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics (Meta and Normative),Feminism, and a little Aesthetics here and there.

During my Master’s program I focused on debates within contemporary liberalism as well as (deliberative) democratic theories. I have been particularly interested in issues relating to the challenge of value pluralism in light of liberal commitments to justice. Such work has shaped a more general interest in the relation between public justification, public reason, and political liberalism.

Personal Website

Joseph Suk-Hwan Dowd

B.A., Philosophy, UC Berkeley

Areas of Interests: Medieval philosophy, Philosophy of religion, Ancient Greek philosophy, Ancient Indianphilosophy, Early modern philosophy.

Publications: "Maximizing Dharma: Krsna's Consequentialism in the Mahabharata." Praxis Journal of Philosophy 3.1 (2011) 33-50.

"Aquinas on Demonic Obstinacy." American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 89.4 (2015): 699-718.

"Does Aristotle Believe in Essentially-Ensouled Matter?" Ancient Philosophy 35.1 (2015): 97-111.

Review of Mortal Imitations of Divine Life: The Nature of the Soul in Aristotle’s De Anima. Ancient Philosophy 36.1 (2016): 230-234.

Michael Duncan

M.A, Philosophy, University of California, Irvine
B.A. Philosophy and Mathematics, University of Washington

John Fensel

M.A., Philosophy, University of Houston
B.A., Philosophy, University of California, Santa Barbara

Areas of Interest: Metaethics, Practical Reasoning, and Metaphysics

Adam Fox

M.A., Philosophy, Georgia State University
J.D., University of Arizon
B.A., Philosophy, University of Arizona

Areas of Interest: Political Philosophy and the Philosophy of Law.

Itzel A. Garcia

B.A, Philosophy, UC Santa Barbara

Areas of Interest: Epistemology, Ethics

Jacob Heim

M.A., Philosophy, Ohio State University
B.A, Philosophy, Souther Virginia University

Areas of Interests: Metaethics, Ethics, Agency and Practical reason, Political philosophy, Epistemology

Samuel Kelso

B.A., Philosophy, University of Iowa

Area of Interest: Metaphysics, Ancient Philosophy

Benjamin Leider

M.A., Humanities, University of Chicago
B.A., Philosophy, Grinnell College

Areas of Interests: Epistemology, Metaphysics, Aesthetics, Metaethics

Ilijaz Mekanic

M.A. in Philosophy, San Francisco State University, San Francisco
B.S. in Political Science, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara

Areas of Interest: Kant, Early modern philosophy, History of philosophy of science, German Idealism

Steven Norris

M.A, Philosophy, Tufts University
B.A, Philosophy, UCLA

Areas of Interest:Logic, Social ontology, Promising, History of analytic philosophy

Dylan Popowicz

B.A, Philosophy, Cal State University, Sacramento

Areas of Interest: Epistemology, Philosophy of Medicine and Psychiatry, Bioethics, and Philosophy of Science.

Brandon Richardson

B.A., Philosophy and Political Science, Chapman University

Areas of Interests: Epistemology and Political philosophy

Adam Sanders

M.A., Philosophy, California State University, Los Angeles
B.A., Philosophy, California State University, Los Angeles

Areas of Interests: Epistemology, Social and Political philosophy, Social Ontology, and Philosophy of Science.

Nicholas Smith

M.A. in Philosophy, Ohio University
B.A., Philosophy, Brandeis University

Areas of Interests: Ethics, Metaethics, Political philosophy

Andrew Sucre

J.D., Harvard University
M.A., Philosophy, University of Missouri- St. Louis
B.A., Philosophy, University of Georgia

Areas of Interests: Ethics and History of Philosophy

Darby Vickers

M.A., Classics, University of California, Irvine
B.A., Classics, Reed College

Areas of Interest: Ancient philosophy (especially Plato and Iamblichus), Epistemology, Political philosophy, Philosophy of history and archaeology