Welcome to the Minor in Persian Studies

Persian at UCI allows students of all backgrounds to learn about Iranian, Afghan and Central Asia history, the Iranian religious tradition, Persian literature, and the Persianate World.

Reflecting the diversity of Persian culture as it developed in close contact with many different civilizations, Persian Studies is international and interdisciplinary by definition. At UCI, students can explore Persian life in past and present in an intellectual journey that can lead them to places as diverse as ancient Persia, the poetry of Rumi in the medieval period, to contemporary Persian and Afghan music. With thousands of Iranians and Afghans living here, the Persian Studies program introduces you to the culture and heritage of one of the largest communities in Orange County. Our faculty is affiliated with a number of different department in the School of Humanities, including History, Comparative Literature, Art History, Gender & Sexuality as well as departments across campus such as Anthropology. Committed to excellence in teaching and research, the Program in Persian Studies is also playing an important role in the wider community by organizing public events that bring distinguished scholars, artists, and intellectuals to Orange County.

Touraj Daryaee, Director, Maseeh Chair in Persian Studies & Culture