The Latin American Studies Center invites you to submit a paper or creative piece in response to our Call for Papers for the inaugural issue of Interversar. Interversar is our graduate student-run, peer reviewed academic journal focusing on Latin America,

For the first issue of Interversar, "Figuring Futures," we invite article submissions that engage conceptualizations, experiences, and possibilities of futurity from a Latin American perspective. By proposing the "future" as a topic of inquiry and frame of reference, we seek to encourage a transdisciplinary exploration of how the Latin America region is understanding and/or challenging present and past power dynamics in order to create, ensure and re-imagine future possibilities. What futures and speculative horizons emerge when thinking from the variety of perspectives present in Latin America? Examining Latin American positions in conversations of futurity intends to re-think the region's local, hemispheric, and global positionality in a rapidly changing world. How will Latin America confront competing projects and manifestations of capitalism? What spaces of agency and imagination emerge in relation to future social, political, economic, and environmental configurations? Approaching the future as a lens through which to examine contemporary times and the legacies of pervasive practices of violence and destruction, Interversar strives to depart from simplistic binaries, and linear and short-term timeframes. Instead, we advocate for new insights into the different and varied dimensions, limitations, and possibilities of thinking and imagining the future.

We welcome submissions in English, Spanish and Portuguese.>