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The International Center for Writing and Translation offers The Schaeffer Graduate Fellowship, a summer funding award of up to $3,000 that can support summer research travel or language study for students whose graduate study fulfills “emphases in creative writing, non-fiction and translation.”  Students must have advanced to candidacy if they are in a PhD program or have completed their first year if they are in an MFA program. The winning proposals will be projects that involve one or several of the following:
  • Creative writing (prose fiction, poetry, plays), especially if the author works in an international context and/or shows literary merit;
  • Creative non-fiction writing (journalism, memoirs, essays, historical writing that explores modes of writing and narration outside standard academic forms, experimental poet-critic writing, manifestoes, creative glosses, multi-media works, and digital hybrid work), especially if the author works in an international context and/or shows literary merit;
  • A translation of a work or part of a work;
  • A dissertation that involves translating a work or a part of a work as a significant component;
  • A dissertation that focuses on translation theory.
The proposals for a Schaeffer Fellowship will be evaluated by the ICWT Advisory Committee.  Please fill out the Google form (coming soon!) and submit one letter of recommendation to the ICWT Director at icwt@uci.edu.

Deadline for submission:  February 15, 2022