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At every crucial juncture in our nation’s history, Black authors, artists and other creative workers, especially from Los Angeles and the greater Southern California region, have produced new narratives, images and social practices that challenge systemic anti-black racism and affirm Black life and humanity. Their works, broadly conceptualized by the term poetic justice, elevate the level of public conversation on how the history of slavery, segregation, and mass incarceration directly affect virtually every civic and social institution, including higher education. 




UCI Global Asias is a multidisciplinary School of Humanities Research Cluster that gathers faculty and graduate students who are invested in researching the global flows and circulations from, within, through, and around “Asia,” broadly conceived. Global Asias recognizes Asia’s shifting position in the realm of geopolitics, capital, and culture–countering if not exceeding longstanding narratives associated with that region and with global ordering more broadly. We aim to reconceptualize and expand our understanding of social, political, and ideological phenomena across national “borders,” disciplines, methodologies, and more.