Episode 1

The Bacchae by Euripides
introduced by Zina Giannopoulou

Zina Giannopoulou




Pentheus, the excessively rational king of Thebes, dies a savage death at the hands of the followers of Dionysus, god of irrationality.


Episode 2

Philoctetes by Sophocles
introduced by Jane O. Newman

Jane O. Newman




Philoctetes, by Sophocles, is frequently taught and performed in the context of wartime trauma and its afterlives in the hearts and minds of veterans.

Sophia Metcalf


Sophia Metcalf
Voice Actor, Herakles


Abel García


Abel García
Voice Actor, Philoctetes


Brandon Foxworth


Brandon Foxworth
Voice Actor, Neoptolemus



Produced by Carrie Noland, Director of the International Center for Writing and Translation, with support from Julia Lupton, Director of Illuminations