General Approved Courses

Emphases: (1) Environment, Economies, and Conflicts, (2) Histories, Cultures, and Identities, (3) Geographies, Migrations, and Politics

Course Environment, Economies, and Conflicts Histories, Cultures, and Identities Geographies, Migrations, and Politics
AFAM 137/HISTORY 134E: History of the African Diaspora   x  x
ANTHRO 135A: Religion and Social Order   x  
ANTHRO 135I /INTL ST 158A:  Modern South Asian Religions   x  
ANTHRO 165A: Modern Iran:  Cinema and Society   x x
ART HIST 155A/ HISTORY 170A/REL STD 122: Ancient India   x x
ART HIST 155B/HISTORY 170B/REL STD 123:  Medieval India   x  
ART HIST 155C Modern India   x  
ASIAN AM 142/ANTHRO 125Z: Muslim Identities in North America   x x
ASIAN AM 151F/SOC SCI 178F:   South Asian American Experience     x
HISTORY 126A :The Era of World War I: 1900-1939: x   x
HISTORY 126B: The Era of World War II: 1933-1945 x   x
HISTORY 130B:  Modern Jewish History   x x
HISTORY 131A /REL STD 131A:  History of Zoroastrianism   x x
HISTORY  131B: Ancient Persia   x  
HISTORY 131C: Medieval Persia   x x
HISTORY 131D: Modern Iran   x  
HISTORY  132A : Israel and Palestine x x x
HISTORY 132B : Modern Middle East   x x
HISTORY 132E : Modern Armenians   x x
HISTORY  134A: Africa: Societies and Cultures   x  
INTL ST 111C: Global Economics and Security x   x
INTL ST 112A /SOC SCI 115D: International Business x   x
INTL ST 131A:  Just War Revisited x x  
INTL ST  152A/SOC SCI 152A:  Non-Government  Organization  Fundamentals x x x
INTL ST  161A/ SOC SCI 188K:  Political Islam   x x
INTL ST  162: Afghanistan x   x
INTL ST  165/ SOC SCI 188A/POL SCI 158D: Introduction to Contemporary Middle East Politics x   x
INTL ST  170/SOC SCI 188E: Israel and the World: An Introduction x x x
INTL ST 174/POL SCI 136D: Middle East Narratives x x x
INTL ST 175A/SOC SCI 170B:  War on Terrorism x x x
PP&D 113: Poverty in Developing Countries x   x
PP&D 131/EARTHSS 180: Environmental Sustainability I x    
PP&D 132/EARTHSS 182: Environmental Sustainability II x   x
PP&D 139:  Water Resource Policy x    
POL SCI 136B:  Cannibals & Conquistadores:  The Phil of the Other   x x
POL SCI :141B International Political Economy     x
POL SCI : 144A Approaches to International Relations /INTL ST/140A x   x
POL SCI 145A:  Ethics in an Age of Terror and Genocide x x x
POL SCI 146B:  Religion and World Politics x x x
POL SCI 153E/INTL ST 154B: Human Rights x x x
POL SCI  172A/INTL 145A : International Law x x x
PUBHLTH 170:  Intro to Global  Health x   x
SOCECOL  E127/INTL ST 122/PUBHLTH 168: Nuclear Environments x   x
SOCIOL 177W:  Immigration & Social Policy   x x
GEN&SEX 110C:  Producing Gender Transnationally   x