German Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

You need six courses taught in German for the major, and four for the minor.
Six of the twelve courses for the major must be taken at UCI. Four courses of the total of seven for the minor must be taken at UCI.
Yes, for the major, up to three courses taught in English from other departments can count toward the major, including those taken during an exchange program. One such course can count toward the minor. Consult with the Undergraduate Advisor for approval of individual courses taught outside the department.
YES! Participation in UC’s EAP program is recommended for German Studies majors and minors. For Information, contact the Director of Study-Abroad (
The department makes every effort to count all of your work relevant to the German major or minor toward the requirements, within the limits allowed. With any planned or completed courses abroad, it is imperative that you communicate as early as possible with the undergraduate advisor.
No, unless this is the ONLY grade option offered by the professor.
No. Major and minor requirements begin at the third-year level.
No. AP units can only be used to determine placement in language courses, including German 100A-B-C.
Yes. AFTER transfer units are approved by Registrar and appear on your transcript, you may petition the undergraduate advisor to have these units count towards your major or minor. This will be considered part of the allowed courses from outside the department.
This is a common fear, but the German 100 series is intended to prepare students for upper-division work. They allow students to develop their speaking, writing, and reading skills. Students can transition into German 101 or other literature courses without undue difficulty.
One great advantage to taking German courses is that they are small. Courses taught in German typically have 8-15 students. Students and professors get to know each other well and there is plenty of opportunity for individual attention.
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