Core Faculty

Chungmoo Choi
Ph.D. Indiana University, Associate Professor of Korean Culture
Interests: Modern Korea, Postcolonial and Colonial Discourse, Popular Culture, Anthropology
Published Books
Michael Fuller
Ph.D. Yale University, Department Chair and Professor of East Asian Studies; Chinese
Interests: Chinese Poetry and Poetics, The Cultural and Intellectual Contexts for Poetry, Aesthetic Theory, Linguistic Issues in Classical Chinese
Published Books
Martin Weizong Huang
Ph.D. Washington University, Professor of Chinese
Interests: Traditional Chinese Narrative, Narrative Theory, Cultural History of Late Imperial China
Published Books
Kyung Hyun Kim
Ph.D. University of Southern California, Professor of Korean Culture; Asian American Studies; Film and Media Studies
Interests: East Asian Cinema, Modern Korea, Critical Theory
Published Books
Susan B. Klein
Ph.D. Cornell University, Professor of Japanese Literature and Culture
Interests: Pre-Modern and Modern Theater and Dance, Japanese Religions, Feminist Critical Theory
Published Books
Margherita Long
Ph.D. Princeton University, Associate Professor of Japanese
Interests: Japanese Literature and Film, Ecocriticism, Peace Activism, Feminist Theory, Eco-Documentary
Published Books
Bert Scruggs
Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania, Associate Professor of Chinese
Interests: Taiwan Studies, Environmental Studies, Postcolonial Studies
Published Books
Serk-Bae Suh
Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles, Associate Professor of Korean
Interests: Modern Korean Literature
Published Books
Elizabeth Tinsley
Ph.D. Otani University (Kyoto), Assistant Professor of Buddhist Studies
Interests: Buddhism in East Asia, Japanese Buddhism, East Asian Religions, Buddhist Visual and Textual Cultures, Visual Theory
Hu Ying
Ph.D. Princeton University, Professor of Chinese; Comparative Literature
Interests: Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, Translation Study, Feminist Theory
Published Books