Quarterly Approved Courses

Japanese Language and Literature

Select one upper-division course dealing with the literature or culture of another East Asian country.

Course  Instructor  Title
Antro 169Zhan, M.China&Globalization
Artt His 151CWue, R. Modern China
Chinese 100AFuller, M.Classical Chinese
Chinese 101AScruggs, B.4th Year Mandarin
E Asian 110Scruggs, B.Organic Taiwan Fict
E Asian 117Fuller, M.Confucian Thought
E Asian 140Kyung, K.North Korea
E Asian 160Kyung, K.Korean Cinema
E Asian 190Huang, M.Male Bonding China

Select six additional
courses in Japanese literature, culture, history, art history, linguistics, film and media, religion, philosophy, gender studies, or comparative literature, of which one may be a lower-division East Asian course offered by the Department.
Course Instructor Title
E Asian 55StaffIntro Japan-I-Novel
E Asian 120StaffJPN Novel War&Peace
History 172GFedman, D.Japans Modern Revs
Japanse 100AKlein, K.Classical Japanese
Pol Sci 219Uriu, R. IR Theory & E Asia

Course Instructor Title
Asian AM 114 [1] Mimura, G Bruce Lee - EA 160
History 171D [1] Guo, Q Chinese History to 1800
History 173 G [1] Fedman, D The Two Koreas - Cross listed with Intl St 179
Intl St 158D [1] Wang, F China in Global Age
Intl St 179 [1] Choi, C Korean Society and Culture - Cross listed with EA 130
Gen&Sex 189 [1] Choi, C Korean Women Film & Narrative - Cross listed with EA 150
[1] "Another Country" Requirement
[2] Japanese Pre-modern Course
[3] Japan Course

Course Instructor Title
History 172G Ragsdale, K. Mod Japan Thru Film
Japanse 101B Long, M. 4th Year Japanese
E Asian 150 Bridges, W. Rise&Fall Mod Jpn
E Asian 155 Fujii, J. Humanimals Japan
E Asian 190 Bridges, W. Ethics & Jpn Anime
[1] "Another Course" Requirement
[2] Korea Course