Quarterly Approved Courses

Chinese Culture and Society

Course Instructor Title
Art His 151B   (1) Wue, R. Latr Imperial China
Chinese 100A   (1) Staff Classical Chinese
Chinese 40    (1) Chen, J. Business Chinese
EAS 15C    (1) Huang, M. Intro Chns Stories
EAS 110    (1) Huang, M. Desire & Chinse Lit
EAS 140    (2) Suh, S. Sacrifce Korean Lit
EAS 150   (2) Suh, S. Lit Christ In S Kor
EAS 190 Hu Ying Chnse Autobiography
History 171E   (1) Wasserstrom, J. Chinese 1800-1949
Japanse 101A   (2) Long, M. 4th Year Japanese
[1] China Course
[2] 'Another Country' requirement

Course Instructor Title
Chinese 100B   (1) Zhao, Y. Classical Chinese
EAS 40  (1) Staff     Chinese mythology and the supernatural
EAS 110     (1) Huang, M. Gender and Modern Chinese Literature
Chinese  115    (1) Huang, M. Jin Ping Mei
EAS 110    (1) Scruggs, B. Organic Taiwanese Fiction
Japanese 100A     (2) Klein, S. Classical Japanese
EAS 120    (2) Klein, S. Japanese Theater
EAS 126   (2) Riggs, H. Japanese Socioling     (same as 65475 LSCI 169, Lec A)
EAS 160    (2) Kim, K. Korean Cinema  (same as 24330 Flm&Mda 160, Lec A)
EAS 190    (2) Choi, C. Transitional Justice in Korea
EAS 150    (2) Choi, C. Film, Literature and Gender in Korea
EAS 150      (2) Suh, S. Translation and Colonialism
EAS 155    (2) Suh, S. Against the Tyranny of Utility
History 171D  (1) Guo, Q. Chinse Hist to 1800
Intl St 158D   (1) Wang, F. China in Global Age  (same as 69510 Sociol 175B, Lec A)
Intl St 176C   (1) Vortherms, S. Intro Chinese Pol  (same as 67290 Pol Sci 151B, Lec A)
Pol Sci 151B  (1) Vortherms, S. Intro Chinese Pol   (same as 64460 Intl St 176C, Lec A)
Sociol 175B  (1) Wang, F. China in Global Age  (same as 64400 Intl St 158D, Lec A)
[1] China Course
[2] 'Another Country' requirement

Course Instructor Title
Chinese 115   (1) Hu Ying Fantastic Tales
Chinese 100C   (1) Zhao, Y. Classical Chinese
EAS 55    (1) Scruggs, B. Postcolonial Taiwan
EAS 160    (1) Scruggs, B. Chinese Film
EAS 190 Pitt, J. Botanical East Asia
EAS 116   (2) Tinsley, E. Japanese Buddhism
EAS 123   (2) Riggs, H. Struct of Japanese  (same as 65440 LSCI 165B, Lec A)
EAS 150   (2) Kim, K. Korea: Urban/Rural
EAS 130   (2) Choi, C. Korean Society and Culture  (same as 64525 Intl St 179, Lec C)
EAS 155   (2) Choi, C. Trauma and Healing in Korean Film and Literature
[1] China Course
[2] 'Another Country' requirement