Core Faculty

Elizabeth Allen
Ph.D. University of Michigan
Professor of English
Interests: Middle English Literature and Reception, Medieval Literature, Exemplary and Didactic Literature, Law and Narrative
Published Books
Luis Avil�s
Ph.D. Brown University
Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
Interests: Renaissance and Baroque Spanish Literature, Literary Theory
Published Books
Alice BerghofPh.D. UCI
Lecturer, Humanities Core Course
Interests: Milton, Shakespeare, Augustine, Women Lyric Poets, Women and Science, History of Grammar, Art History
Sharon Block
Ph.D. Princeton University
Professor of History
Interests: Early American Social and Economic History, Digital Humanities, Race & Sexuality
Published Books
James T. Chiampi
Ph.D. Yale University; Professor of Italian
Interests: Dante, Renaissance Epic and Pastoral, Modern Italian Novel, Italian Language
Published Books
Touraj Daryaee
Howard C. Baskerville Professor of History in Iran and the Persionate World; Associate Director, Dr. Samuel M. Jordan Center for Persian Studies and Culture.
Interests: Ancient History, Late Antiquity, Persianate World, Zoroast
Published Books
Rebecca Davis
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
Assistant Professor, Department of English
Old and Middle English literature; Piers Plowman; medieval religious culture; women's writing; medieval philosophy; nature and animals in literature.
Interests: Nationalism and National Identities, Nationalism and National Identities
Published Books
Peter Frei
Assistant Professor of French
Interests: Early Modern and Modern French Literature, Renaissance Culture, The Body and its Representations, The Politics of Literature
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Published Books
Michael Fuller
Ph.D. Yale University; Associate Professor of Chinese
Interests: Classical Chinese Poetry and Poetics, The Cultural and Intellectual Contexts for Poetry, Aesthetic Theory, Linguistic issues in Classical Chinese
Published Books
Zina Giannopoulou
PH.D. University of Illinois
Assistant Professor of Classics
Interests: Ancient Greek Philosophy, esp. Plato, Reception of Classical Antiquity in Modern and Contemp. Prose Literature, Ancient Greek Epic and Tragedy
Published Books
James B. Given
Professor Emeritus
Published Books
Sean Greenberg
Associate Professor of
Daniel M. Gross
Associate Professor of English
Interests: History and Theory of Rhetoric, Early Modern Literature and Culture, Heidegger and Rhetoric
Published Books
Rebeca Helfer
Ph.D. Columbia University
Associate Professor of English
Interests: Renaissance Literature, especially Spenser, History of Memory
Published Books
Ivette N. Hernández-Torres
Ph.D Brown University
Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
Interests: Colonial Latin America and Hispanic Caribbean Literature and Culture
Published Books
Lamar M. Hill
Ph.D. University of London
Professor of History
Interests: Tudor-Stuart England, Early Modern Europe
Susan Jarratt
Ph.D. University of Texas, Austin
Professor Emerita of Comparative Literature
Interests: Ancient Greek Rhetoric, Women and Gender in the History of Rhetoric
Published Books
Joseph JenkinsPh.D. UCLA; JD Boalt School of Law, UC Berkeley
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education
Interests: English Legal History, Focusing on Inheritance Law and Royal Prerogative Jurisdictions
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Andromache Karanika
Ph.D. Princeton University
Assistant Professor of Classics
Interests: Greek Epic and Lyric Poetry, Women in Antiquity, Oral Tradition and Folklore, Ancient Greek Religion
Published Books
Susan B. Klein
Ph.D. Cornell University
Director of Religious Studies and Associate Professor of Japanese
Interests: Premodern and Modern Theater and Dance, Medieval Commentaries, Japanses Religions, New Historicism and Feminist Critical Theory
Published Books
Jayne Lewis
Ph.D. Princeton University, Professor of English
Interests: Restoration/Eighteenth Century British Literature, Natural Philosophy and the Supernatural, Early Modern Meteorology, Historical Fiction
Published Books
Christophe Litwin
Assistant Professor of French. Christophe Litwin joins us from Princeton University where he was a Fellow at the Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts.
Interests: Early Modern French Literature and Culture
Faculty Website
Julia R. Lupton
Ph.D. Yale University, Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Interests: Shakespeare, Renaissance Literature, Religious Studies, Jewish Studies, Humanities and the Public Sphere
Published Books
Lyle Massey
Director, Center for Early Cultures and Associate Professor of Art History and Visual Studies
Interests: European Renaissance and early modern art , Art and Science, Gender Studies
Published Books
Nancy McLoughlin
Assistant Professor of History
Interests: Late Medieval Intellectual and Gender History
Published Books
Margaret M. Miles
Ph.D. Princeton University
Professor Emerita of Art History
Interests: Greek and Roman Art, Architecture and Archaeology
Published Books
Laura Mitchell
Assistant Professor of History
Interests: African and Southern African History, Colonialism, Environment, Labor and Slavery, Families and Household Formation
Published Books
Ian MunroPh.D. Harvard University
Associate Professor, Department of Drama, Bren School of the Arts
Interests: Shakespeare, Early Modern Theater and culture
Faculty Website
Jane O. Newman
Ph.D. Princeton University; Professor of Comparative Literature
Interests: Comparative Renaissance and Baroque Literary and Cultural Studies, Walter Benjamin and the Baroque, History and Theories of Comparative Literature, Afterlives of the Greeks
Published Books
Rachel O'Toole
Ph.D. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Assistant Professor of History
Interests: Colonial Latin America, Indigenous Histories, Andrean Society, African Diaspora
Published Books
Kevin Olson
Associate Professor, Political Science
Interests: Contemporary Political Theory, Insurgent and Popular Politics, Citizenship, Social Democracy, Cultural Politics, Poststructuralism, Critical Theory, 19th and 20th Century Political Theory
Maria Pantelia
Ph.D. Ohio State University, Department Chair and Professor of Classics and Director, Thesaurus Linguae Graecae®
Interests: Greek Epic Poetry, Hellenistic Poetry, Computer Applications to Classics
Published Books
Renee Raphael
Assistant Professor of History
Interests: Early Modern History of Science, Early Modern European Intellectual and Cultural History, History of the Book and its Readers, Social and Visual Culture
Faculty Website
Published Books
Bryan Reynolds
Ph.D. Harvard University
Professor and Head of Doctoral Studies in Drama, Bren School of the Arts
Interests: Shakespeare, Early Modern Theater and culture, Transversal Poetics
Faculty Website
Deanna Shemek
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Professor, European Studies and Languages
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Published Books
Victoria Silver
Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles
Associate Professor of English
Interests: Renaissance Studies, Feminist and Gender Studies, Cultural Studies and Criticism, History of Literary Theory, Histories and Theories of Rhetoric
James Steintrager
Ph.D. Columbia University
Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Interests: Eighteenth-Century English, French and German Literature and Aesthetics, Amatory, Erotic and Libertine Fiction
Published Books
Keith Topper
Associate Professor, Political Science
Interests: History of Political Thought and Political Theory, American Political Thought, Contemporary Political and Social Theory, Democratic Theory, The Philosophy of the Social Sciences, Theories of Power
Andrew Zissos
Assistant Professor of Classics
PhD Princeton University
Interests: Roman Literature and Culture, Classical Reception, Latin Epic
Published Books