Jiang Lihua, Ph.D.

Present Position within the organization:
Professor and Chairman, Department of Sociology, Central China Normal University
Wuhan, Hubei Province, P.R.CHINA, 430079

Education / Professional Studies:
2001-2003 Renmin University of China, for post-doctoral research
1997-2000 Capital Normal University, Ph.D. for Demography
1984-1988 Hebei University, Master of History
1980-1984 Anhui Normal University, Bachelor of History

Major Research projects:
(1) The National Social Science Foundation, ‘Public Education and Rights Security of immigration (2002), published a set of research papers, and exerted a certain influence in academic circle.

(2) The National Social Science Foundation, ‘Chinese peasant worker’s rights and interests protection’, 2009

(3)‘The Transformation of Peasant Worker’ was Supported by Program for the New Century Excellent Talents in University set up by State Ministry of Education, 2008

(4) Key Public Biding Project of National social Science Foundation, The Services and Management Research on Urban floating Population', 2011


The Historical Course of East Asia’s Modernization, Hebei University Press, 1996
Migration and Cities’ Development in the Transitional England (1500-1750), China Population Publishing House, 2002
The Urban community Welfare of China, Social Sciences Academic Press,2008
Research on Peasant Worker’s Rights and Interests Protection, China Social Sciences Publishing House, 2008
The History of China Refugee Peasants, Anhui People’s Publishing House, 2001

Shengchuan Li, Ph.D.

Visiting Date:

Since September 1, 2022 until August 31, 2023


Ph.D. in Theory of Literature from Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China

(1) Investigate the theory of postmodernism and its critique of modernity

(2) Due to UC-Irvine being one of the key sites in which postmodernism was originally articulated and debated, use the documents and other important materials in which the University's library contains on said topic

(3) Explore and use the resources of Jean-François Lyotard and other figures of postmodernism such as Jacques Derrida and Etienne Balibar: all who were members of the UC-Irvine faculty who contributed to the theory

(4) Explore and use the papers on post-modernist theories donated to UC-Irvine by multiple scholars, such as Richard Rorty and Fredric Jamison

Cheng-Hsin Hsu, Ph.D.

Visiting Date:

July 2022


M.S./B.S. degrees from National Chung-Cheng University 
M.Eng. degree from the University of Maryland
Ph.D. degree from Simon Fraser University 

Professional Work:
Deutsche Telekom Laboratory (California)

Motorola Inc. (Illinois)

Lucent Technologies (Maryland)

Department of Computer Science, National Tsing Hua University

Research Areas:

Multimedia networking, mobile computing, broadcast/wireless networks, Internet-of-Things (IoT), networked games, cloud/fog computing, and computer networks


(1) In conjunction with Prof. Nalini Venkatasubramanian's group, sync up with the ongoing joint work and discuss future collaborations on Internet-of-Things, Cyber-physical Systems, Distributed Systems, and Multimedia Systems  

(2) Meet with Nalini's students to discuss a joint journal paper on urban planning with digital twin technologies (an extension of the IEEE IoTDI'21 paper: "SmartParcels: Cross-layer IoT Planning for Smart Communities")

(3) Meet with Ms. Fangqui Liu to discuss a joint journal paper on high-rise firefighting using civilian drones (an extension of the IEEE SRDS'21 paper: "DragonFly: Done-assisted High-rise Monitoring for Fire Safety")

(4) Meet with Nalini and Qualcomm collaborators to discuss future research collaborations on 5/6G cellular and underground networks

(5) Give a talk on "Leveraging Heterogenous Privacy Levels of Different Sensor Modalities for Efficient Distributed Machine Learning"

(6) Attend the CareDEX demo/drill at the Donald Bren Hall

Chih-ming "Andy" Wang, Ph.D.

Visiting Date:

Since April 16, 2022 until April 26, 2023


B.A. in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature from National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
M.A. in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature from National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan 
Ph.D. in the Literature Department from the University of California, Santa Cruz


(1) Present a talk on "Translating Subjectivity in Post/Cold War Transition: Reflections on Taiwan Theory"

(2) Lead a seminar on "Taiwan as the US-China Frontier: Post/Colonial Geography and Post/Cold War Entanglements"

"Post/Colonial Geography, Post/Cold War Complication: Okinawa, Taiwan, and Hong Kong as a Liminal Island Chain." Geopolitics (2021)

Wendy Cheng & Chih-ming Wang, "Forum Introduction: Against Empire: Taiwan, American Studies, and the Archipelagic." American Quarterly 73.2 (2021)

"Geopolitics of Relation: Talking to High Monks in the Snow and the Post/Cold War East Asia." AALA Journal 25: 49-63 (2019)

"Transpacific Asymmetries: Masao Miyoshi and Asian American Studies." Boundary 2 46.3: 89-115 (2019)