Graduate Students

Rachel Adler
Political Science

Benjamin Aaron
Visual Studies

Chima Anyadike-Danes
Research interests focus on the place, and identity, making practices of the Mongolian
diaspora in Los Angeles

Cherish Bolton
Study the British Empire in South Asia during the 19th and 20th centuries, specifically
culture and identitiy formation in pre-independence India

Colin Cahill
Medical and cultural politics in Southeast Asia

Aleksandra (Leksa) Chmielewski
Museum representation, history and memory, new media, consumption and class, China
and the US.

Eun-Ah Cho
East Asian Languages & Literature
Eun-Ah has specific interests in Korean literature during post-liberation period.
She is focusing on bilingual problems rising within post-coloonial intellectuals,
dealing with critical theories of translation, language-imperialism, and post-colonialism.

Hyonhui Choe
East Asian Languages & Literature
Hyonhui Choe's specialized field is modern Korean literature in colonial period.
He is working on Korean literary critics and historians whose academic backgrounds
are based on Keijo Imperial University. This project evolves around multi-layered
theoretical issues, such as collaboration with colonialism or fascism and the discursive
tension between politics/ethics and aesthetics/literature. He is also interested in
literary modernism, post-colonialism, translation theories, and psychoanalytical theories.

Matthew Chudnow
East Asian Languages & Literature
Matthew's field of specialization is medieval Japanese literature and religion. His
research focus is on political, religious, and gender issues in late Muromachi period
noh theatre. He is also interested in Heian peiod literature, classical Chinese poetry,
Japanese Buddhism, shamanism, ritual and performance, modern erotic-grotesque fiction,
and history.

Matt Combs
Matt's research explores the intersection of imperialism and technology in East Asia
as seen in the colonial production of camphor and its use in plastics, photographic
film, and gunpowder.

Jessica Conte
East Asian Languages and Literature
Jessica's interests include post-liberation Korean literature and comparative studies
of trauma, madness, (post) colonialism, and theories of translation. She is currently
looking at the work of contemporary film director Park Chan-wook and its relationship
to tragedy, biopower, nihilism, and late capitalism.

Maura Cunningham  
Modern China, particularly 19th-20th century; urban history; transportation and communications

Brian Denny
Political Science
Research interests focus on Modern China and include adaptive governance relating
to social movements and changes in Chinese civil society.

Cheryl Deutsch
Marketing and the market, privatized spaces of consumption, street vendors and super
markets, the idea of the informal economy, social movements and NGO's, gender in contemporary

Sonia Desai

Laurie Dickmeyer
Although US history is my first field of sudy, I am interested in early US trade
relations with China.

Andrew Duncan

Vivian Eng
My interests are 20th century Chinese diaspora and transnational migration.

Elsa Fan
Elsa Fan is currently a third-year graduate student in anthropology. Her research
interests focus on HIV/AIDS in China in terms of governance, citizenship and humanitarianism
and the different opportunities/tensions enabled through AIDS.

Yunxiang Gao
Pipa. Integrated Composition, Improvisation, and Technology

Josh Gellers
Political Science
I study environmental rights in South Asia

Padma Govindan
My interests and research: human trafficking and anti-trafficking efforts, the US
and India, human righgs, American volunteerism, the anthropology of social movements,
gender sexuality

Amy Grubb
Political Science

Tiffany Hong
East Asian Languages & Literature

Kim Icreverzi
Comparative Literature
Japanese Cinema

Laura Beltz Imaoka
Visual Studies
My research analyzes geographic informatin systems as commercial media platforms,
along with their geo-literacy value and use during global media events such as the
Fukushima/East Japan Disaster.

Eun Hae Jeong
Eun Hae Jeong is currently studying reproductive technologies in South Korea. She
is specifically interested in the production and use of genetic knowledge in reproductive
technologies, as well in the field of adoption. Her broader interests include the
development of genetic science and bioethics in South Korea.

Robert (Robbie) Kett

Elizabeth Kim
Psychology and Social Behavior
My research interests include the cross-cultural study of children's conformity to
others, particularly with regard to collectivist cultures.

Dan Knorr

Yimin Lai
Wayne Lalicon
Political Science
I would like to conduct research that will illuminate the substantial social, political,
and economic transnational linkages between the Philippine diaspora and the Philippine
state.  I am interested in two specific issues within political transnationalism:
(i) how the state promotes and maintains labor migration ; and (ii) the social and
political activity of expatriate Filipinos with respect to Philippine society and
politics.  Eventually, I would like to compare the Philippine experience with other
states that are heavily reliant on remittances.

Wei Li
Planning, Policy and Design
Environmental policy, planning, and management; pricing of public goods; economics
of natural resources; pollution control and damage assessment; transportation policy
and economics; sustainable development in China

Ssu-Fang Liu
East Asian Languages and Literature

Yiing Liu
East Asian Languages and Literature
Ying focuses on modern and contemporary Chinese literature, cinema, visual and cultural
studies, modernity and urban studies. She is interested in exploring the representations
of Chinese youth in literature, cinema, pop culture, and mass media to refract the
social transformation in China after the 1980's.

Colin Moore
Political Science
International Relations, Korea-US relations

Kris Noam
Immigration and incorporation, second-generation Chinese, cross-national comparison,
cultural transmision, child rearing practices, intermarriage ethnic identity.

Graham Odell
Political Science
China, NE Asia, nationalism, political development, and political identity

Aditya Ramesh
History, South Asia
Karen Robinson
Culture, Social Theory, Globalization; South Korea

Xia Shi
My concentration is Modern China, particularly 19th-20th century, women's and gender

Christina Spiker
Visual Studies

Jinsuhk Suh
Planning, Policy, and Design
Dissertation theme is related to environmental issues or policies in South East Asia

Beijie Tang
Political Science

Tiffany Yun-chu Tsai
East Asian Languages and Literature
Tiffany focuses on modern and contemporary Taiwanese Fiction. She is interested in
gender and sexuality, trauma and memory, and the representation and formation of (post)
colonial and immigrant identities and subjectivities. Tiffany is currently working
on trauma, haunting mourning in Li Angi's The Visible Ghosts.

Jean Tsui
East Asian Languages and Literature
Jean focuses on late imperial to early modern China. She is interested in exploring
how the rhetoric of love evolved from late Ming to the May Fourth era, what contributed
to the rhetorical shift, and how the new rhetoric might have unleashed an expeeriential
realm that was essentially foreign, if not potentially subversive, to the traditional
socio-emotive paradigm.

Wang Chen-cheng
My focus is the influence of political cultures, specifically the organizational
cultures on the regimes' political capacities in Modern Chinese history. And how these
cultures affected the models and strategies these regimes adopted in the process of
political mobilization.

Thomas Worger
My primary field of research is 20th century China, specifically law in the 1920s
and 30s.

Karen Wu
Psychology and Social Behavior
I am interested in examining cultural differences in enhancement and verification
processes within intimate relationships. For instance, do people prefer that their
partners view them more positively than they view themselves, or do they prefer that
their partners view them similarly? How might such preferences differ across culture,
depending on the perceived nature of attributes?

Yidi Wu
Concentration in 20th century China, particularly student protests and social movements
in the Communist period.

Chuning Xie
Interest in China as well as Japan

Leah Zani
Southeast Asia, Buddhism, the Secret War, landmines and rehabilitation technologies