Are you interested in adding the Archaeology minor?

Undergraduates from any UCI School can minor in Archaeology. Archaeology minors are eligible for the many resources available to students in the Department of Art History, including its internship program and the Art History Undergraduate Association. Contact an academic counselor from the school of your major to have the minor added to your degree audit. Minors are encouraged to contact the director of the Archaeology program by email for guidance when they declare the minor to plan their course of study as well as when questions arise during registration.

Visit the School of Humanities Office of Undergraduate Study for general questions relating to fulfilling minor requirements, petitioning minor courses, and course planning. If you are planning on graduating soon, add before you apply to graduate. Note: You may overlap a maximum of two classes between your major and your minor. You may not overlap classes between two minors.

Approved classes for the current academic year can be found here.

Additional information on the minor can be found here.

Archaeology Minor Requirements

The Archaeology Minor's curricular structure consists of seven courses (28 units) distributed among three categories (A, B, and C): an introduction to archaeology (category A), one or more geographically- or historically-focused surveys to gain foundational knowledge in the archaeology of a specific region, time period, or culture (category B), and upper-division lectures or seminars that explore specific archaeological problems in greater depth (category C). To ensure interdisciplinarity, students are allowed to take no more than five courses from any single academic unit. At least four courses must be upper-division.

Category A:

Complete: ANTHRO 2C Introduction to Archaeology

Category B:

Select at least one of the following:
ART HIS 40A Ancient Greek and Roman Art, and Architecture
ART HIS 42A History of Asian Art: Arts of India
ART HIS 42D History of Asian Art: Arts of Islam
ART HIS 42E Art and Archaeology of Ancient Persia, Egypt, and Mesopotamia
ANTHRO 141A Ancient Civilization of Mexico and the Southwest

Category C:

Select five additional elective courses chosen from Areas B or C:

Please Note: No more than five courses taken for the minor can be taken from any single academic unit.

ANTHRO 48: Archaeology or Aliens?*
ANTHRO 147: Egyptomania: Pseudoscience, and the Emergence of Civilizations*
ANTHRO 147A: Archaeology of the Islamic World *
ANTHRO 147B: Archaeology, Politics, and Identity*
ANTHRO 162B: North American Archaeology*
ANTHRO 149 Special Topics in Archaeology**
ANTHRO 169 Special Topics in Area Studies **

ART HIS 100 Studies in Ancient Art
ART HIS 103 Studies in Greek Art
ART HIS 107 Studies in Roman Art
ART HIS 111B Byzantine Art: 650-1450
ART HIS 155A Ancient India
ART HIS 181 Topics in Museum Studies **
ART HIS 196 Ethics, Law, and Art
ART HIS 198 Advanced Seminar: Topics in Art History**

*Courses with an asterisk have been added to the minor but are still being processed by the registrar's office for inclusion in the catalogue. They will count towards the minor, including for graduating seniors. The director will provide a waiver if needed.

**Courses with two asterisks must be on an approved topic. A list of approved courses can be viewed on the Archaeology Minor webpage