KianSoheila KianLecturer

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Soheila Kian teaches Persian and French languages and cultures: Acquiring and learning a foreign language offers students a "greater awareness of self" and is the mediator between the native language and culture and the one students are acquiring, and this will provide a greater insight and perception of both cultures.

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MousaviAli MousaviLecturer

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Ali Mousavi teaches ancient Iran history. He is an archaeologist by training and has worked on the Bronze Age and Iron Age archaeology. He excavated at the site of Pasargadae, Iran. He is the author of a book on Persepolis: Persepolis. Discovery and Afterlife of a World Wonder, published by De Gruyter, Berlin, 2012.
StraughnIan StraughnLecturer, PSOE

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University of Chicago, 2006

Expertise: archaeology, cultural heritage, middle east islamic studies, space and landscape, material culture

Ian Straughn, UCI anthropology lecturer with potential for security of employment, is interested in the stories behind different cultures. As a grad student at the University of Chicago and in post doctoral and professorial posts at Brown University, he focused on the archaeology of the Middle East – particularly the Islamic periods. He’s conducted research in Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Armenia, studying regional cultural heritage and material culture. His fieldwork in bustling markets, ancient temples and other archaeological hotspots has been aided by varying degrees of fluency in modern standard Arabic, Egyptian and Syrian colloquial dialects, classical Arabic, French, Persian, Latin and German.