Catalog information:

A. Select one of the following:

·         MED HUM 1 Health, Wellness, and Conception of the Body

·         MED HUM 3 Art and Medicine

B. Select one of the following:

·         CLASSIC 10 Scientific and Specialized Terminology

·         DANCE 3 Scientific Concepts of Health

·         GEN&SEX 60A Gender and Science

·         PHILOS 3 Technology and Society

·         PHILOS 4 Introduction to Ethics

·         PHILOS 5 Contemporary Moral Problems

C. Select two of the following:

·         GEN&SEX 110D The Politics of Health and Medicine

·         PHILOS 121A Medical Epistemology

·         PHILOS 131C Medical Ethics

·         MED HUM 137 Surviving Epidemics

D. Select three additional courses (two of which must be upper-division) chosen from those listed above in A, B, and C, and among a list of quarterly approved courses. With the approval of the Co-Directors of the Minor in Medical Humanities, other relevant courses may satisfy the requirements for the minor.