Fiction Students

Mason Boyles


Mason Boyles just drove across the country with his dad. They stopped at Subway six times. They nearly saw the Hoover Dam. In Las Vegas they checked into the Bellagio, split a carton of hardboiled eggs, and went to bed by nine o’clock. That’s the kind of people they are.

Katherine Damm


Katherine used to live on the East Coast, but now here she is. She grew up in Philadelphia, studied Literature at Harvard, and spent a few years in New York after that. She likes dogs, people, and very smooth music, more or less in that order.

Elizabeth Davies


Elizabeth Davies is from Melbourne, Australia. She received a bachelor degree in Creative Writing from the University of Houston (2014). Elizabeth lives in Long Beach with Woody the human and Qwerty & Pixel the dogs. She is working on a novel.

Lara Fitzjarrald


Lara Fitzjarrald likes rivers and birds. She has a daughter who has two kittens. They're all from California.

Jack Foraker


Jack Foraker is from Davis, California.

Ross Green

Ross Green comes from North Carolina, and a monumentally loving and supportive nuclear family. He is mostly just happy to be here.

William Hawkins


William Hawkins grew up in Louisiana where he was hunting alligators by the age of nine. Well, hunted an alligator. Well, was in the hunting party. Well, was in the fishing boat holding the beer while their owners hunted the alligator. His father thought it'd be an "adventure." William's been writing ever since, afraid, if he stops, the old man will find new adventures to inspire him.

Anna Hogeland


Anna grew up in the Berkshires in Massachusetts. She studied history at Bates College and received a Master of Social Work from Smith College. Before coming to UCI, she was a psychotherapist.

Shelby Kinney-Lang


Shelby Kinney-Lang was born in Laramie, Wyoming. He has degrees from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and the University of Oxford.

Jaime Lalinde


Jaime Lalinde was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Before attending the Program in Writing, he lived in Brooklyn, New York, and worked at a magazine.

Rebecca Sacks


Rebecca moved to Irvine from Israel. She received a BA from Dartmouth College and an MA from Tel Aviv University. Between degrees she worked at a magazine in New York.

Julie Schulte


Julie has returned to her native Irvine, CA despite many grand exits over the years. After receiving her BA in English and Slavic Studies at UC Berkeley she lived and worked in Russia, Eastern Europe, and China. Before attending the Program in Writing she wrote a book about handbags despite, to the dismay of her colleagues, carrying only a backpack. Most afternoons she can be found playing music or on aimless strolls with her daughter Cecilia-- the first toddler flâneuse.