Minor Requirements

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Educational Goals

The educational goals of the minor in medical humanities include the following:

  • Gain proficiency in the application of the scholarship, creative innovation, and critical reasoning and research methodologies of the interdisciplinary field of medical humanities
  • Understand the humanities as an integral part of comprehensive medical education.
  • Understand illness, healing, and dying from ethical, humanistic, and culturally sensitive perspectives.
  • Critically reflect upon multiple dimensions of human identity and experience shaped by illness as they intersect with other social relations of power including (but not limited to) race, class, and nationality.
  • Integrate the insights of literature and literary analysis and into the practice and teaching of medicine.
  • Understand the cultural, philosophical, historical and artistic study of medicine, past and present.
  • Develop a holistic understanding of human health, disease, suffering and treatment.
  • Understand the ethical dimension of medical knowledge and practice.
  • Appreciate the diversity of perspectives, cultural expressions, social formations, and practices related to medicine.