Steering Committee

Simcha Gross
Assistant Professor of History
Published Books
Jeffrey Kopstein
Professor and Department Chair, Department of Political Science. Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1991. Interethnic violence, voting patterns of minority groups; Jews in Russia and Eastern Europe
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Matthias Lehmann
Teller Family Chair in Jewish History; Professor of History. Ph.D., Freie Universitat Berlin, 2002. Early modern and modern Jewish history; Sephardic Studies.
Published Books
Julia R. Lupton
Professor of English. Ph.D., Yale University, 1989. Interests in Jews in the Renaissance; exegesis and typology; Judaism and critical theory.
Published Books
Liron Mor
Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature. Ph.D., Cornell University, 2015. Literary and critical theory; contemporary Israeli and Palestinian literature and film; postcolonial theories; conflict; sympathy; translation and literary