James T. Chiampi
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Professor of Italian, French & Italian
Interests: Italian Renaissance literature, Dante



Kai Evers
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Director of German Graduate Program, German Associate Professor
Interests: Modernist literature, German film, European studies, Catastrophic Imagination and Representations of War, Violence, and Risk


Sara Goodman

Sara Wallace Goodman
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Professor, Political Science
School of Social Sciences

Interests: citizenship, political identity, immigrant integration, comparative politics, qualitative methods


Daniella Farah
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Adjunct Assistant Professor, History and Jewish Studies
Modern Jewish history, Mizrahi and Sephardi Studies, modern Iran and Turkey, history of education, interreligious encounters, transnational history, diaspora and migration studies

Sarah Farmer

Sarah Farmer
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Professor, History
Interests: Modern French history, twentieth-century Europe, social and cultural history.




Jeffrey Helmreich
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Associate Professor of Philosophy, Law/ Colloquium Co-Coordinator / Director of Undergraduate Programs
Interests: Ethics, Action Theory, Jurisprudence



Glenn Levine-West
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German Professor, German Language Program Director, Linguistics Affiliated Professor of Language Science
Interests: Applied linguistics, theoretical linguistics, foreign language pedagogy, German-Jewish literature, Yiddish language and literature                                         


MarkAndrew LeVine
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Professor of Modern Middle Eastern History
Interests: Middle East history, cultures and religions of the modern Middle East, Globalization, the role of music in political struggles, culture jamming, critical theory


Jacobo Sefamí
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Professor of Spanish
Interests: Latin American Literature, Contemporary Poetry



Andrew Zissos
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Professor of Classics
Interests: Latin epic, Imperial Roman Culture, Classical Reception