Locating Africas

AFAM 110 W. James Caribbean: Colonial-Emancipation
AFAM 110 L.M. Mitchell South African History
AFAM 111A B. Cooks AFAM ART: 1650-1900
AFAM 130 N. Masilela Harlem Renaissance & Sophiatown
AFAM 130 J. Neary AFAM Representation In Historical perspective
AFAM 150 T.A. Parham Afro-American Psychology
AFAM 160 U. Jenkins Issues In Afro Futurism
AFAM 160 J. Sexton Contempory Black Film
Asian Am 142 K.B. Leonard Muslim Identities In North America
Asian Am 164 D. Fujita-Rony Asian Am/AFAM Relations
Com Lit 105 N. Rahimieh Literature of Iranian Diaspora
History 130C D.J. Schroeter Jews And Muslims
History 134D L.M. Mitchell South African History
Wmn Std 156A K. Kim Race And Gender
Anthro 121D S. O'Rourke X-Cult Stds Gender
Chicano Std. 115C R. Fernandez Afro-Latin American Music
Soc Sci 185W J. Okane People In Society

Fall 2006
HumArts 101 M. Masilela Intro African Literature
AFAM 130 M. Masilela Intro African Literature
Comp. Lit 103 S. Jarratt Global Women's Writing
Womn. Std. 170 S. Jarratt Global Women's Writing
Intl. Stud. 179 L. Kreidie Middle East Politics
Intl. Stud. 179 S. Shahine Arab Society & Culture
Anthro. 169 R. Varzi Modern Iran
Anthro. 169 S. Shahine Arab Society & Culture

Spring 2006
Com Lit 106W D. Al-Kassim Arabic Lit In Translation: Beirut Fifts
Anthro. 169 R. Varzi Modern Iran
Int. Stud. 179 D. Bibiyan Mid East Oil & Pol
Int. Stud. 179 D. Bibiyan Iran: Past & Present
Int. Stud. 179 L. Kreidie Mid East Conflict

Winter 2006
    If there is a course which was not selected for this emphasis and you feel it should be considered, you may submit it to the Director directly for review, D. Haynes
History 183 D.J. Schroeter Isralis/Palestinan
History 190, D D.J. Schroeter Jerusalem: Religion

Fall 2005
English 103 W.T. Ngugi African Literature
English 103 N. Masilela Black South African Literature
History 133A M.A. LeVine Emergence Of The Modern Middle East
History 134A L.M. Mitchell Africa Soc & Cultures
History 183 D. Schroeter Imagining The Future
History 190 M.D. Baer Mid East Masculinity
Poli Sci 149A T. Nolen International Relations in the Middle East Area
Poli Sci 159D Kreidie Middle East Politics

Spring 2005
History 134C L. Mitchell Sex & Cities: Africa
History 192W M. Levine Mideast Womn & Wrkrs

Winter 2005
History 132 D.J. SchroeterIsrael & Palestine
History 134D L.J. MitchellSouth African History
History 190M.A. Levine Mideast Women & Workers

Fall 2004
None offered  

Spring 2004
Art Hist 118A. GonosovaIslamic Art
History 132M.A. LeVineIsrael & Palestine
History 134BL.J. Mitchell Modern Africa
History 192W D.J. Schroeter Jerusalem: ME Religion

Winter 2004
AfAm 130N. MasilelaNgugi Novels & Works
Com Lit 104N. Mailela Ngugi Novels & Works
Film Stud. 160N.L. FornabaiSubsaharan Francophone African Cinema
History 133BD.J. Schroeter North Africa Since 1500
History 134A L.J. MitchellArica History: Societies & Cultures Before 1800
History 190D.J. Schroeter Jerusalem: Middle Eastern Religion

Fall 2003
English E106N. Wa Thiong'oSem. B: Contemporary Africna Literature
Intl St 179L. Kreidie Lec. A: Middle East Politics
Intl St 179N. AlaoLec. B: Geography of Africa

Spring 2003
AFAM 130J. WilsonLec A: African Art
AFAM 130W.T. NgugiLec C: Colonialism & the Rise of Modern African Literature

Art History 175

J. WilsonAfrican Art
History 133M. LeVineModern Middle Eastern and North Africa
Sociology 179 L. Olurode Lec B: Social Change in Africa

Winter 2003
History 190CM. Le VineMideast Women and Workers
Soc Sci 172BSTAFFAfro-American Culture

Art History 164,A

J. WilsonAfrican American Art 1650-1900

Fall 2002
AFAM 130N. MasilelaBlack South African Literature
History 190FD. SchroeterJerusalem: Religion and Conflict in Middle Eastern History

Spring 2002

Winter 2002
History 132M. LevineIsrael and Palestine

Fall 2001
AfAm 130N. MasilelaBlack South Africa
French 150, CompaLit 103, WS170L. RabineLiterature and Anthropology (Women's Literature of the Francophone Rim)

Spring 2001

Winter 2001
AFAM 110E. BornsteinEthnography and Politics of Southern Africa

Fall 2000
AFAM 110,AD. MindryAfrican Societies
History 177D. SchroeterIsrael & Palestine
History 183MasilelaAfrican Policy Thought

Spring 2000
Art Hist 175J. WilsonAfrican-American Art 1900-Present
Crit 100BWL. BarrettReading African-American Bodies
Hist 140DD. Rankin Civil War/Reconstruction

Winter 2000
AfAm 110L. MalkkiLiterature, Gender & Politics in Africa
AfAm 111AJ. WilsonAfrican-American Art 1650-1900
Hist 144ED. BruceAmerican Racial Thought
Hist 183D. CammackApartheid/S'N Africa

Fall 1999
AfAm 110AK. Tate Black Politics
AfAm 110BJ. BissellMulticultural Education K-12
AfAm 110CL. MalkkiAfrican Societies
AfAm 110DD. BruceAmerican Slavery
AfAm 130J. RowePostmodernism/Mulitculturalism
AfAm 160 African American Art
AsAm 151A. D. Fujita-RonyFilipine-American History: Pre-1965
French 127P. BarbeFrancophone Literature & Culture
History 190D. BruceAmerican Slavery

Spring 1999
AfAm 111BJ. WilsonAfrican-American Art 1900-Present
AfAm 150N. MasilelaThe Harlem and Sophiatown Renaissance
Art H 165J. WilsonAfrican-American Art Survey/B
Eng 105BB. ThomasLiterature of Segregation
Hist 148BS. LightAfrican-American Contemporary Philosophy
Hist 190D. HaynesBlack Britain: South Asians & Afro-Caribbeans in the UK

Winter 1999
AfAm 150AT. FooteAmerican Urban History
AfAm 150BJ. A. Wilson African-American Art History I
AfAm 150CL. MedoviMass Media & Black Popular Culture
AfAm 150DB.L. ReeSouthern Literature
AfAm 150EL.W. BarrettAfrican-American Autobiographies
FilmS 198F.T. Rony Race & Representation

Fall 1998
AfAm 141WT. Foote The Black Protest Tradition
AfAm 150CJ. KimPolitics of Protest
AfAm 150CJ. Kim Comparative Minority Politics
CompLit 105StaffMulitcultural Topics in Comparative Literature
Eng 103CS. RetmanRace, Legality & Literature
Hist 190AD. BruceThe Old South