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06/15/21Film and Media StudiesProfessor Bliss Lim was quoted in the BBC News article on Netflix's first Filipino animated series Trese.
06/15/21Film and Media StudiesCongrats Professor Rony, whose film project was selected to go to Marché International du Film d'Animation d'Annecy!
04/26/21Film and Media StudiesGreat interview of Assistant Professor Kamil and her new book Technoprecarious
04/13/21Film and Media StudiesAssistant Professor Braxton Soderman challenges popular ideas in gaming in his new book: Against Flow: Video Games and the Flowing Subject.
04/13/21Film and Media StudiesFMS Alumni (2015) Kelsey Carr who was Production Supervisor on "Time" , directed by Garrett Bradley, is up for a Oscar for best Documentary
03/25/21Film and Media StudiesQ&A with Catherine Liu about her book Virtue Hoarders is now published!
03/22/21Film and Media StudiesFMS Alumni (2004) Rose Bush's recent film as a director of photography by Anthony Giacchino and Alice Doyard, COLETTE, won the Oscar.
03/19/21Film and Media StudiesListen to FMS Coffee and Internship Event Webinar with Guest Jeff Tasset, Senior Manager for Campus Recruitment for the Disney Studios!
03/18/21Film and Media StudiesFilm and Media Studies Professor Johnson's new book explores the evolution of sport broadcasts!
03/11/21Film and Media StudiesSneak peek of "The Undocumented Lawyer" on HBO Max, alumni Ingrid Allen worked as an intern with Optimist Films, a social impact documentary
03/05/21Film and Media StudiesCheck out Professor Peter Krapp: Beyond the Cool Obscure - from the PicturePhone to the Zoom Boom
03/05/21Film and Media StudiesProfessor Peter Krapp: Cooking with the Professor
02/17/21Film and Media StudiesAlumni Roxy Shih & Sheldon Chau-Spotlight Award Winners interviewed by Visual Communications
01/28/21Film and Media StudiesThe Professional-Managerial Class w/ Professor Catherine Liu | The Jacobin Show
01/25/21Film and Media StudiesCongratulations to Professor Catherine Liu on the publication of her book Virtue Hoarders (University of Minnesota Press, 2021)!
01/25/21Film and Media StudiesCongratulations to Professor Bo Ruberg on winning the 2021 Stonewall Book Award!
11/13/20Film and Media StudiesCheck out the episode of "The Welcome Table," literary journalism students interview Film and Media Studies Assistant Professor Dauchan
10/23/20Film and Media StudiesFMS New Faculty: Dr. Meryem Kamil, Dr. Andre Kunigami, and Dr. Bo Ruberg
09/22/20Film and Media StudiesFilm and Media Studies Professor Peter Krapp was quoted in this story about the TikTok/WeChat ban