European Studies


British Studies

Fall Quarter (F19)

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Emphasis/Category: British Studies

In this course we will trace the late-nineteenth-century preoccupation with the workings of representation, focusing on poems and novels that are meditations on their own capacity to figure forth the world.  We will begin by familiarizing ourselves with Romantic theories of representation--theories that confidently root language in nature or the divine order--so as to be able track the Victorian loss of faith in the artist’s capacity to produce symbols that make reference to anything beyond themselves.  Readings will include Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend, Collins’ The Woman in White, and poems by Tennyson, Browning, Swinburne, and Rossetti.  Students will also read several critical articles and lead class discussion on one of them.  The writing for the course will center on the production of one major essay, for which students will produce an annotated bibliography and an outline to share with the class.
Days: TU TH  03:30-04:50 PM