Date Time Program Title
02/27/1909:00 AMEuropean Languages and StudiesPolitics of the Obscene
02/28/1902:00 PMEuropean Languages and StudiesRandall Halle, University of Pittsburgh
03/04/1912:00 PMEuropean Languages and StudiesA reading by a German author, Heike Geissler
04/05/1908:00 AMEuropean Languages and StudiesJessica Rosenberg (University of Miami): The Botanical Virtues of Early Modern English Print
04/25/1905:00 PMEuropean Languages and Studies"Translating performance and the energy of the line: a talk, a dialogue, a performance with Tracie Morris and Vincent Broqua (University of Paris)"
04/26/1908:00 AMEuropean Languages and StudiesPhilosophical Approaches to Infinity: History, Ontology, Cosmology
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