Winter 2024 (February): Alex Dubilet, "Interminable Disorder"

Fall 2023 (October): Fumi Okiji, "Subjunctive, Semblant, Spectral"

Spring 2022 (April): Rizvana Bradley, "Blackness and the Aesthetic"

Fall 2021 (October): Axelle Karrera, "The Black Anthropocene"

Spring 2020 (March): Samera Esmeir, “On the Struggle that Remains: Between World and International” (CANCELLED)

Spring 2019 (April): Nina Power, "Voice, Noise, Silence, the City, Nature"/"The Ecstasy of Noise”

Fall 2018 (October): Ranjan Ghosh, “The Plastic Turn”

Spring 2018 (March): Kaushik Sunder Rajan, "Multi-si(gh)ted: On Pharmocracy, Postcoloniality and Perception"

Spring 2017 (April):  Etienne Balibar, "Absolute Capitalism?  For a New Critique of Political Economy"

Winter 2017 (February):  Ursula Heise, "Narrative and the Anthropocene."

Winter 2016 (March):  Rosi Braidotti, "Non-Human, In-Human, Posthuman"

Winter 2015 (February): Daniel Boyarin, "Josephus without Judaism"

Winter 2015 (January): Emily Apter, “Untranslatables:  Or Theorizing in Language”

Spring 2014 (May):  Partha Chatterjee, “Theorizing Democracy in the East”

Winter 2014 (February): David Marriott, “Whither Fanon”

Spring 2013 (May): Hillis Miller/Etienne Balibar

Winter 2013 (February): Elizabeth Freeman, “Sense-Methods: Erotohistoriography, Chronochresis, Sacra/mentality”

Spring 2012 (May): Hillis Miller, “Atonement as Example”

Fall 2012 (October): Eugene W. Holland, “Deleuze and A Thousand Plateau”

Fall 2012 (November): Fred Moten, “Just Friends”

Winter 2012 (February): Cedric Robinson, “Staging Black Radicalism”

Fall 2011 (November):  Denise Ferreira da Silva, “On Affectability:  Notes toward a Radical Praxis”

Spring 2011 (May): Hillis Miller, “How to Reap a Page”

Spring 2011 (April): Kojin Karatani, “Toward a World Republic:  Beyond Capital-Nation-State”

Spring 2011 (March): Peggy Phelan, “Queer Narrative:  Theories and Enactments”; “Why Performance Theory Matters”; Politics as Performance:  From Reagan to Obama”

Fall 2010 (September) Roberto Esposito/Tim Campbell Talk, “The Impersonal and the Political, the Work of Roberto Esposito”

Spring 2010 (May) Hillis Miller, “Anachronistic Reading”

Spring 2010 (April) Lee Edelman, Joe Litvak Talk, “Badiou the Comedian:  Ahmed the Philosopher”

Winter 2010  Angela Davis Winter quarter class, “Theories of Slavery”

Spring 2009 (May) Gayatri Spivak, “Old Women”

Spring 2009 (May) Hillis Miller, “The Conflagration of  Community:  Fiction Before and After Auschwitz”

Winter 2009 (February) Geert Lovink, “Understanding Global Internet Culture”; “Tactical Media Strategies”; “Net Criticism in the Web 2.0 Age”

Winter 2009 (January) Michael Hanchard, “Race, Modernity and Political Community”

Spring 2008 (May) Hillis Miller, “On Touching-Jean-Luc Nancy”

Winter 2008 (February 23) Etienne Balibar/Ali Benmaklouf, “Universality of Religion, the Particularity of Cultures”

Fall 2007 (November) Peter Hallward Mini-Seminar

Spring 2007 (May) Hillis Miller, “The Late Derrida”

Winter 2007 (January) John Caputo, “Re-Thinking Religion:   The Weakness of God and the Theology of the Event”

Spring 2006 (April) Nancy Fraser, “Reframing Justice in a Globalizing World”

Spring 2006 (May) Achille Mbembe, Stanley Fish, Amy Hungerford, Mark Taylor and Irene Tucker

Spring 2006 (May) Hillis Miller, “Post-Modern Communities II”

Spring 2005 (May) Hillis Miller