Standing Steering Committee

Elizabeth Allen
Associate Professor of English (medieval literature; theories of reception; exemplary and didactic literature; literature and ethics; literature and affect; history of English language; Old English)
Published Books
Bonnie Kent
Professor of Philosophy (ethics; medieval philosophy and theology; philosophy of religion)
Published Books
Susan B. Klein
Associate Professor of Japanese (premodern and modern theater and dance; medieval commentaries; Japanese religions; new historicism and feminist critical theory)
Published Books
Julia R. Lupton
Professor of English & Chancellor's Fellow (Shakespeare; Renaissance literature; religious
studies; Jewish studies; humanities and the public sphere)
Published Books
Sanjoy Mazumdar
Professor of Social Ecology (environmental design research: cultural aspects, environmental psychology; architecture, planning, organizational studies)
Michael T. McBrideAssociate Professor of Economics (game theory; economics of religion; political economy of development; social networks; experimental economics)
Roxanne Varzi
Associate Professor of Anthropology (post-Revolution Iran, religion, media, youth culture, war)