Date Time Program Title
06/15/1802:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesFilm and Media Studies Commencement Celebration
06/14/1811:00 AMFilm and Media StudiesFilm and Media Studies Advanced Production Screenings
06/06/1812:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesFMS End of the Year Celebration
06/02/1805:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesZOTFEST 2018
05/31/1812:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesCanvas workshop and skill share
05/30/1805:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesFMS Stand-Up Comedy Night
05/30/1806:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesFMS Alumni Mixer
05/23/1807:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesAMERICAN ANIMALS: Advance Film Screening
05/14/1803:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesMusic and Sound Design in Games
05/10/1809:30 AMFilm and Media StudiesThe Wellness Myth
05/09/1803:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesRichard Barbrook: "Games for the Many and Class Wargames"
05/03/1801:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesCoffee and Internships!
04/20/1809:30 AMFilm and Media Studies(B)orders of Empire - Symposium
03/07/1807:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesFLOWER: Advance film screening!
03/01/1811:30 AMFilm and Media StudiesPlagiarism as Educational Opportunity
02/28/1805:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesFilm and Media Studies Spotlight Showcase
11/20/1712:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesFilm screening: REDES
11/09/1702:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesCoffee Talk with Prof. Liu and Eva Yonas!
11/05/1703:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesEscenas Latinas: Changing the Narrative with Prof. Haggins
10/25/1704:30 PMFilm and Media StudiesMore Than a Game? 'The Decision' and the Social Responsibility of the Athlete
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