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Hist 132E (Armenian Modern History) this Fall (2021) at UCI


Are you interested in learning about modern Armenian history? Take HIST 132E (Armenian Modern History; Instructor: Dr. Houri Berberian) this Fall at UCI!

This course covers the most important themes in the history of Armenians and Armenia in the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries and does so within a regional (i.e., Middle East and Caucasus) and global context. It examines the problems and impact of imperialism, revolution, and genocide on the development of the history of Armenians. This course will have a strong thematic approach as we proceed from imperial rule in the nineteenth century through twentieth-century genocide, brief independence, sovietization, and independence again, culminating in the Velvet Revolution, and most recently the war over Artsakh/Karabakh. As we explore this history, we will focus on Armenians as imperial and national subjects in ancestral lands as well as transimperial and transnational subjects in a diaspora that has had a complex relationship with the idea and reality of homeland.

Meets: M and W, 9:30-10:50 am