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HISTORY 132E: Armenians and Armenia in Modern World History to be taught in Spring 2018.


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Fall Quarter (F19)

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Written and conversational Armenian for students with no knowledge of the language. Students learn the Armenian alphabet, read and comprehend simple texts, and carry basic conversation. Emphasis on reading and comprehension, grammar rules, and basic composition.rn


Days: MWF  11:00-12:50 PM


Designed to develop students’ ability to communicate further orally and in writing in Armenian (Western or Eastern) by consolidating knowledge of grammar, increasing vocabulary, and developing reading, comprehension, and writing.rn

Prerequisite: ARMN 1CARMN 1C with a grade of C or better. Placement into ARMN 2A is also accepted.

Days: MW  01:00-02:50 PM


History 132D explores the history of Armenia and Armenians from ethnogenesis to the early modern period at the end of the 1700s within a regional and global context, which takes into account interactions and encounters with the empires and peoples that encompassed their orbit. It focuses on a number of key moments in the Armenian past that are crucial to understanding contemporary Armenian culture, identity, and memory: the politics of national identity and “ethnogenesis,” conversion to Christianity, invention of the Armenian script, the battle of Vardanank, the development of the global Armenian diaspora, print culture, national revival, early liberation movements, as well as relations between Armenians and their neighbors: Persians, Romans, Muslims, and others.
Days: MW  09:30-10:50 AM

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Fall Quarter (F19)

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