Date Time Program Title
04/11/1806:00 PMArmenian StudiesConsolidating Diaspora and Developing Armenia: A Mutual Road Ahead
02/28/1806:00 PMArmenian StudiesThe Weight of History in Fiction and Non-Fiction: A Conversation
01/29/1807:00 PMArmenian StudiesFree screening of "Women of 1915," a documentary film by Bared Maronian
01/28/1803:00 PMArmenian StudiesCelebrate UCI Armenian Studies
01/24/1806:00 PMArmenian StudiesNegotiating Armenian Identity in Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon
10/25/1706:00 PMArmenian StudiesWorking In Between: Interculturalism and the Integration of Syrian-Armenian Refugees to Montreal, Quebec
10/10/1712:00 PMArmenian Studies[Event is full] Dissent in an Age of Populism: Sustaining Political Opposition After Turkey's 2017 Referendum
05/17/1706:00 PMArmenian StudiesEmpowerment of Armenian Women and Girls through Photography
04/12/1706:00 PMArmenian StudiesLegacy of Impunity: Sexual Violence Against Armenian Women and Girls During the Genocide
03/01/1706:00 PMArmenian StudiesThe Age of the Gharib: Strangers and Estrangement in the Pre-modern Mediterrranean
02/15/1706:00 PMArmenian StudiesLecture: Homeland(s), Belonging, and Contested Loyalties among Early Armenian Immigrants in America
11/02/1606:00 PMArmenian StudiesArmenia's Current Political and Social Situation in Global Context
07/15/1512:00 PMArmenian StudiesRoman Smbatyan, UCI: "Some Remarks on the Identity of Meliks of Artakhs (Karabagh) in 17-18 centuries AD"
04/23/1512:00 PMArmenian StudiesCommemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
04/20/1512:00 PMArmenian StudiesGregory Areshian: 'Transformations of Armenian Identity from Late Antiquity to the Modern Age'
04/16/1502:00 PMArmenian StudiesAni Honarchian: "And Moses became hayakhos: Literacy and Orality in Late Antique Armenia"
04/16/1512:00 PMArmenian StudiesProf. Giusto Traina: "Ethnicity and Dynasticity: identity in pre-Christian Armenia"
04/13/1502:00 PMArmenian StudiesTouraj Daryaee, UCI, Urarshtu and Armina: Two Narratives through the Behistun Inscription
04/06/1502:00 PMArmenian StudiesArmenian Identity Through the Ages Conference
02/19/1506:00 PMArmenian StudiesA Holy Man, A Holy Woman, and a Holy City: Sophene in the Fifth Century: A talk by Ani Honarchian
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