Students pursuing academic excellence within the School of Humanities are cultivated and educated as an emerging generation tasked with the preservation of world heritage.  And not only that.  The School of Humanities seeks to create a close connection with our students, providing them the experience of close-knit liberal arts education while being part of a larger research enterprise.

Funding a scholarship for an undergraduate or a graduate fellowship has a direct and personal impact. Student support helps make a university education possible for those qualified undergraduate students who may not otherwise get to attend UC Irvine as well as rewarding and fostering our students who exhibit academic or creative excellence. Fellowships elevate the training of our graduate students by supporting research opportunities.

  • Approximately 78% of undergraduates at UC Irvine need financial aid to support their education.  Endowed scholarships help us meet this need by providing annual support in perpetuity for our very best and brightest students.
  • Fellowships help us compete for the top graduate students and furnish them with the resources they need to excel in their writing and research. 
How Does Funding Scholarships and Fellowships Make a Meaningful Impact?

People who make gifts to the School of Humanities are making the ultimate investment in the future.  We are the largest and most diverse school at UC Irvine and our graduates are among the top in their fields, nationally and internationally.  For more information on giving opportunities to support students, please contact Sean Fischer, Director of Development, at 949-824-0438 or

Donor Spotlight

Zarrinkelk Family Fellowship

German Ph.D. graduate student (Department of European Languages and Studies), Mohammad Rafi has been awarded the Zarrinkelk Family Fellowship for Summer 2013, in conjunction with the Samuel Jordan Center for Persian Studies and Culture and the School of Humanities.  The Zarrinkelk Family Fellowship was established in 2012 and supports UC Irvine graduate students studying Persian language, history, and culture. 

“Pursuit of higher education is the ultimate goal we set for our children.   It’s an investment in future of our children and our country.  Our kids both have recently graduated from school, thus our investment took a different turn. We’re continuing our investment, but this time for children of others.  Giving back to our higher educational system is one way of sustaining those opportunities for our future generation.  So we hope our contributions, as little as they are, will be source of encouragement for other students to aspire for better life through higher educations.”  --Majid Zarrinkelk

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