The School of Humanities embraces the responsibility of providing an education that matches the many talents of its outstanding students.  We respond to the needs of students in a new century in many ways – from integrating theory and practice to developing interdisciplinary programs, to preparing students for their professional careers through internship programs.  Your generosity will help us strengthen existing programs and develop new ones, with the goal of enabling our students to become leaders in their chosen fields and thoughtful, engaged citizens of their community, nation, and world.

The School of Humanities features fourteen departments, six centers, three interdisciplinary undergraduate programs and two interdisciplinary graduate programs that engage faculty from diverse disciplines in advanced research.  This diversity resonates within the departments as well, with faculty engaged in not only differing areas of scholarship but also with cross-collaboration across other Schools within UC Irvine. 

Our largest departments have an intimate culture that embraces their students and collaborate with other faculty.  Centers and and programs are an integral part of a research institution; this is especially true of the School of Humanities at UC Irvine.  They provide opportunities for intense faculty collaboration and the time to pursue promising lines of investigation that enhance knowledge.

How Does Funding Academic Units and Programs make a Meaningful Impact?

Discretionary funding from donors can have a profound impact on an academic program; it has the ability to elevate the program to a new level.  This impact can come in a variety of forms, from campus-wide events such as conference and symposiums, to support in enhancing curricular programming and beyond.  Donating to academics can create or contribute to new and emerging areas of study.  For more information on how to make an academic impact at the School of Humanities, please contact Linda Haghi, Executive Director of Advancement, at 949-824-2923 or

Donor Spotlight

The Vietnamese American Oral History Project

Launched in 2011, the Vietnamese American Oral History Project (VAOHP), housed in the Department of Asian American Studies in the School of Humanities at UC Irvine, assembles, preserves, digitizes, and disseminates the life stories of Vietnamese Americans in Southern California.  The project contributes to the expanding archives on Vietnamese Americans with the urgent goal of capturing first generation stories while this group remains.  VAOHP collaborates closely with community volunteers, students, and the Southeast Asian Archive at UC Irvine Libraries, where the oral histories are preserved.

Support for the VAOHP is generated by a generous endowment from the Jao Foundation, and discretionary support provided by the UC Irvine School of Humanities, Department of Asian American Studies, Southeast Asian Archive, as well as generous grants from the Wells Fargo Foundation and Edison International.

To learn more about VAOHP, please visit:

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