Date Time Program Title
04/26/1806:00 PMShakespeare CenterShakespeare in Art and Music
05/15/1804:00 PMShakespeare CenterShakespeare and Star Trek: With Nicholas Meyer
08/08/1803:00 PMShakespeare CenterEducators' Day at New Swan: A Midsummer Night's Dream
08/10/1812:00 PMShakespeare CenterFirst Folio Friday: With Julia Lupton
08/11/1802:00 PMShakespeare CenterShakespeare Weekend: A Midsummer Night's Dream
08/12/1802:00 PMShakespeare CenterShakespeare Weekend: The Winter's Tale
08/15/1802:00 PMShakespeare CenterApproaching The Winter's Tale: An Afternoon Symposium
08/24/1812:00 PMShakespeare CenterFirst Folio Friday: With Andrea Mays
10/06/1808:00 PMShakespeare CenterO Mistress Mine: Concert with Darryl Taylor and Juliana Hall
10/22/1805:00 PMShakespeare CenterArden / Everywhere: Exploring Food Insecurity through Shakespeare at UCI
01/17/1905:00 PMShakespeare CenterBlake Wilson, "Modeling Virtue in Renaissance Music: Tales from Virgil's Aeneid"
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