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» Harvestpro

Contact Name: Eric Koyanagi
The company I work for needs a skilled video editor for a part time position. We already have about three hours of footage, we just need someone who can edit the film and have it ready to distrubute in multiple file formats. This video would be streamed through a new web project expected to go live within the next month. If there are any students that would be interested in such a position, we'd love to interview them! Our company ( employs many students, and hopefully this position would be a great resume building experience.
If there are any students that might be interested, they can e-mail me directly at or can call me at (714) 803-9965

Thanks in advance for any help!
-Eric Koyanagi
Webmaster/ Php-driven Software Engineer

International Festival

» The American Pavilion

Contact Name: Walter Harris
Contact Phone: (310) 209-1300
Serving as a communication and hospitality center for the thousands of Americans in CANNES (FRANCE) during the Cannes Film Festival, The American Pavilion provides an impressive array of facilities and services to the international film community. For the corporate sponsors of The American Pavilion, the dozens of exhibitors and office holders, and the thousands of American participants, The American Pavilion accommodates the need for information, orientation, and recreation. For the duration of the festival, The American Pavilion provides both a dynamic business environment and an opportunity to relax in comfortable surroundings.

Students will work at least six hours each day for the American Pavillion or one of it's partnering companies in jobs that will include administrative and customer service tasks. Student will also participate in educational workshops group discussion with industry professionals, informative lectures on how to navigate the festival and additional training specific to his or her job assignments. The pre-festival programming and training will typically span ten hours each of the three training days. Students will also have the opportunities to attend other events, educational programming and Festival Screenings for the duration of the festival.

LA Film Music

» 20th Century Fox

Contact Name: Amy Driscoll
Contact Phone: (310) 369-3891
Duties include:
Read and breakdown scripts, pitch song ideas of films, research new music for projects.
Attend scoring sessions, staff meetings, listen in on conference. Make calls, research composers, music supervisors, etc.
Also administrative duties.

Los Angeles Film

» 20th Century Fox

Contact Name: Brehan Fitzgerald
Contact Phone: (310) 369-1824
Duties: Tape audiions with studio executives, directors,
producers, run errands around the lot, meet talent

School-year and

» A Few Miles North Production

Contact Name: Brent Coert
Contact Phone: (310) 399-6366
A production company involved with music videos and

School and summer

» Artisan Entertainment

Contact Name: John Park
Contact Phone: (310) 255-4975
Home video, production, distribution, data entry, clean up

School year

» Double Feature Films

Contact Name: Karen Willaman
Contact Phone: (310) 887-1168
Double Feature Films, is a motion picture production company located in Beverly Hills. The principals are Michael Shamberg and Stacey Sher, and some of our credits have included Erin Brockovich, Along Came Polly, Out of Sight, Get Shorty, Man on the Moon, Pulp Fiction, Garden State, and Be Cool.

We recently released Freedom Writers and World Trade Center. We also have
Reno 911 (the series) currently on Comedy Central, which we'll be in
Airing Season 5.

We're looking for Spring 2008 interns to work at the company. The student
must get school credit in return for the internship, and the hours are
flexible to accommodate their class schedule. Duties would include reading,
writing coverage, research, office duties, such as filing, photocopying,
and errands. The person should be detail oriented, organized, have a positive
attitude, and interested in working in the entertainment industry.

Closed for the holidays from 12/24/07 through 1/6/08.

Please forward your resume to

» Egg Pictures

Contact Name: Rebecca Baldwin
Contact Phone: (323) 956-8400
Write coverage and assist with office duties

School year internship

» Film Roman

Contact Name: Shelley McCully
Contact Phone: (818) 985-2973
Animation studio

Duties include: Comping storyboards, helping to prepare shows for shipping, some prop and characer design, scanning, coping model packs, post-production sessions, paste-up

Summer only

» Gosch Productions

Contact Name: Gosch Productions
Contact Phone: (818) 729-0000
Gosch Productions, located in the heart of Burbank's Media District, is
seeking interns to begin immediately. We are seeking students who are
interested in getting real world experience in Production and Editing. We
won't have you sitting in our office all day making photocopies. The shoots
we have done appear on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, Showtime, Sony and E!
Entertainment. If you work here you will learn valuable industry skills
that will prepare you to do business in Hollywood. We are seeking interns
for non-paid, credit only. Undergraduates and recent grads are welcome.
Hours are flexible anytime Monday through Friday.

Basic duties include: Editing on Final Cut Pro, Production Assistant work
during in-studio or on-location shoots, making duplications and the
occasional office run.

We are a tight-knit team and look forward to preparing film students to make
it in this exciting industry.

If interested, please contact us with your resume via email at or call us at (818) 729-0000.

Gosch Productions is a complete production and post house. Since our
inception in 1983, we have been dedicated to providing excellent service to
our clients. The Gosch Team has successfully produced, written, directed,
filmed and edited over four hundred projects. The focus of Gosch
Productions is to use the latest technology providing clients with the
finest video, film and post-production available.

The Gosch Productions Team
2227 West Olive Ave.
Burbank, CA 91506

» Hergott Productions

Contact Name: James Hergott
Contact Phone: (949) 640-5991
Producing content for television, movies, and other distribution sources.Duties include: Camera and light set up, assisting with cast and crew organization, and auditions. Maintaining structure and order on the set.School year Summer


Contact Name: Lara Rosen
Contact Phone: (323) 953-5508
KCET-TV is the west coast flagship station of PBS, serving
Southern Central California
Production assistant
School year and summer

» LA Shorts Fest

Contact Name: Krista Barnes
Contact Phone: (323) 851-9100
Los Angeles International Film Festival. Activities: research, customer relations, proposal/grant writingDuties: Phone calls, e online research, data entry, emails, mailing list.School-year


Contact Name: Rochard Adrian Flores
Contact Phone: (310) 943-5378
TV programming, marketing, and advertising.
Duties: marketing, helping with promotions, and clerical work
School-year only

» Mandate Pictures

Contact Name: Jennie Yamaki
Contact Phone: (310) 300-2065
Duties include covering phones, reserch and filing, reading scripts

School year and Summer

» New Line Cinema

Contact Name: Gabe Fowlkes
Contact Phone: (310) 967-6607
Duties Include: Copying, filing, faxing, reading, answering phones, research, typing

» Nowita Productions

Contact Name: Marc Pitre
Contact Phone: (310) 255-7065
Motion Picture Company of Film Director Rob Cohen looking for someone to perform light office duties (phone, filing, etc.) as well as read scripts and write coverage.

» Quattromedia

Contact Name: Tye Crain
Contact Phone: (310) 207-7100
Literary management/production Company.
Duties: Script coverage, process client material for shipping,
copyscripts, duplicate reels for submission, help maintain, the
material catalogs, bank deposits.
School year and summer


Contact Name: Ernesto Hinojosa
Contact Phone: (310) 659-1577
Duties Include: runs, office work, assistance on set. RSA is a production company that specializes in features, commercials and music video

» Sanford/Pillsbury Production

Contact Name: Erin Aldridge
Contact Phone: (310) 393-5225
Reading scripts, writing coverage, administrative duties.

» Senator International

Contact Name: Jim Miller
Contact Phone: (310) 300-2073
We are an independent feature film production and financing
company with a foreign sales division as well.
Duties: Interns will read and evaluate scripts and other material,
write script coverage

School year
and summer internship

» Serenade Films

Contact Name: Julia Wells
Contact Phone: (310) 452-3335
Working with producers to put together contracts, organize
casting sessions, read and cover scripts, clerical work.
School and summer internship.

» Talk of the Town Production

Contact Name: Dino Donofrio
Contact Phone: (310) 837-8237
Research, phone calls, set up interviews, casting, location
scouts, and filing.

» The Jim Hensen Studios

Contact Name: Jeff Hammer
Duties for Spring/Summer internship is as follows:
General office duties, assisting in updating Writers and Directors Data bases, reading and writing coverage, and delivering and picking up scripts. Must be able to work 16 hrs per week.

» The Jim Henson Company

Contact Name: Nicole Goldman
Contact Phone: (323) 960-4096
Copying and faxing. General office duties.

Unpaid and must receive college credit but receive $250.00
stipend for the semester.

» Time Warner Cable

Contact Name: Kareem Marashi
Contact Phone: (310) 768-0445
Assisting during shoots, logging footage, digitizing, dubbing,
assistant editing, studio and equipment maintenance,
pre-lighting, and other pre-production and post-production

» Touchstone Television

Contact Name: Jennifer Richey
Contact Phone: (818) 560-5902
Television production studio for comedy and drama


» Trailing Johnson Productions

Contact Name: Fabian Marquez
Contact Phone: (310) 479-5700
A small film production company founded by filmmaker Justin
Lin. We develop scripts for feature films and TV.
Duties: interns will answer phones, help with filing, do script

School and summer internship

» Universal Pictures

Contact Name: Jason Resnick
Applicatns should send an email with their resume attached in word or pdf format and with the subject heading: Internship to e-mail provided

Interns must be available 2--3 days, Monday through Friday. Duties include: providing clerical support for the acquisitions team, watching films, updating the departments film tracking databse, handling heavy multi-line phones in a busy office enviornment, copying, filing faxing, etc.

» Zucker Productions

Contact Name: Sean Gessell
Contact Phone: (310) 656-9202
Responsibilities include: writing coverage and providing feedback on incoming sc reenplays and books, researching for projects in development, conributing input on screnplays and books, researching for projects in development, contributing input on casting decisions, assisting in distribution of materials pertaining to both Zucker Prodcutions and CuresNow (a non profit org dedicated to promoting the rapis, responsible and ethical development of stem cell research) and answering phones photocopying and filing. Prefer min 2-3 days

Los Angeles Film and Television

» Daniel L. Paulson Productions Inc.

Contact Name: Steve Kennedy
Contact Phone: (310) 278-9749
Offering school year and summer internships.
Read and analyze material (books, scripts, treatments, etc)
and participate in the development process.

» E! Networks

Contact Name:
E! Networks offers internships throughout the year in the following departments:
Art Department Set Design
Audience Research
Creative Services
E! Online Editorial
E! Studios
Human Resources
Information Technology
International Interstitials
International Marketing
Interational on Air Promotion
Marketing Solutions
Public Relations
Talent and Casting...
And much more. Visit website for more details.

Los Angeles Film Festival

» LA Latino International Film Festival

Contact Name: Rafael Agustin
Contact Phone: (323) 469-9066
The Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF) and the Latino International
Film Institute (LIFI) are searching for interns who could assist us in the following areas.
Below are brief descriptions of some of the positions that we need support. We are looking
for individuals who can commit to a minimum of 20 hours a week during our regular
working hours (9 – 5 / M – F). Ideal for students who are looking for internships to give
them an understanding of the workings of a community-based non-profit organization, film
festival. All positions are unpaid.

Historic Video Library Archive Intern: This individual would go through our archives and
create a master record of thee organization’s history.

Database Intern: this individual will keep updated our database system.

Office Interns:
Tasks Include: Clerical, (filing, calling) festival organization, programs,

Venue and theater Interns:
Tasks Include: Coordinates film/video presentations, staging, guest appearances.

Transportation Interns
Tasks Include: Shuttles filmmakers and guests between airport, hotels & venues.

Educational outreach Interns
Tasks Include: Provides class intro. or follow-up activities of festival themes.

Reception hosts Interns
Tasks Include: Set-up sites, buffets & welcome guests.

Youth Program Intern: This individual will helps us to keep updated our video library of the
Youth program and help us to prepare details for the 2008 LALIFF youth program

September 12- 19, 2008 @ Grauman's Chinese Mann Theater for our Opening Night Gala
with screenings at the Egyptian Theater & Chinese 6 Mann Theaters on Hollywood Blvd

One of the most prominent Latino Film Festivals in the USA, LALIFF promotes the richness
and diversity of Latin Cinema by showcasing films from the United States, Latin America,
Central America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal. LALIFF celebrates the work of
existing and emerging Latino talent while creating a bridge between independent
filmmakers and the film industry in Hollywood. LALIFF serves as a catalyst for the
promotion and distribution of Latino films.

LALIFF presents feature films, documentaries, shorts and special screenings. The films
showcase a wide variety of themes by Latino filmmakers, producers, writers and actors, as
well as movies that depict Latino culture. It is a competitive festival with prizes and a
venue where filmmakers come together with the industry. Our Industry Office facilitates
meetings and keeps a video library for Hollywood executives. LALIFF also offers industry
workshops, panels, networking receptions, youth program. The festival will host a fantastic
music program this year with live performances during the festival.

Los Angeles Film-Animation

» Threshold Animation Studios

Contact Name: Ren Zatopek
Contact Phone: (310) 452-0736
Intern will assist the front desk and production assistants with any tasks, answering phones, copying, errands. Duties also include: data entry, filing, organization.

School year and summer internship

Los Angeles Film-Marketing

» Universal Music Group Distribution

Contact Name: Charlie Chang
Contact Phone: (818) 286-4654
Internet Research, Online Grassroots Marketing, Preparing bi-weekly reports of marketing efforts.

Los Angeles Film-Music

» 20th Century Fox

Contact Name: Johhny Choi
Contact Phone: (310) 369-2421
Assistance on key projects day to day operations and experience with all creative areas. Help file and organize incoming music. Outline music in scripts/films by creating and updating "breakdowns" Help find music alternates. Review Dailies

School year internship

Los Angeles Film-Other

» Warner Bros.

Contact Name: Steve Sonn
Contact Phone: (818) 977-2248
Duties include: scanning of negatives and transperancies, uploading files to digital asset management system, cataloging and assisting reps at sattelite locations for the Corporate Image Archive (the cenral repository for feature film and television production at Warner Bros.)

Los Angeles Film-Production

» River Road Entertainment

Contact Name: Tom Skapars
Contact Phone: (213) 253-4610
Duties include script coverage and notes, story research and clerical duties such as answering phones, making copies and running errands.

Los Angeles Film-Production Administration

» New Line Cinema

Contact Name: Jesus Heridia
Contact Phone: (310) 967-6862
Duties Include: Organizing and filinf call sheets, monitoring and maintaining paperwork for ongoing productions

Los Angeles Film-Script

» Daniel L. Paulson Productions Inc.

Contact Name: Steve Kennedy
Contact Phone: (310) 287-9747
The development and production of movies and television series.-Read and evaluate material-Learn the industry standard screenply analysis procedure . Read a minimum of 10 screenplays and write a detailed report consisting of a synopsis and a critique/analysis on each, meeting with your supervisor for feedback School-year/Summer Internship

» W Productions

Contact Name: Weiko Lin
Contact Phone: (310) 210-5229
Quarterly Internship Slots: 2 Non-Paid Location: Westwood Please send resume to e-mail provided Qualifications: Interest in theatre, film and TV a must Background in Literature, film, tv, theatre, communications, PR, journalism , web design, writing or marketing a plus Responsibilities: Script coverage Research Editing Creative story development/notes (interns will be involved in all creative meetings) Office administration Website Content Scheduling

Los Angeles Movie Production Company

» Mr. Mudd

Contact Name: Kyle Fried
Contact Phone: (323) 932-5656
General office tasks, binding scripts, scanning files, compiling actor lists, reading scripts,
covering scripts, mailing, handling calls.

Los Angeles Online Entertainment

» E! Networks

Contact Name: Lia Haberman
Contact Phone: (323) 954-2842
Provide general support for the staff at E! Online, including website maintenance, minor editing, image scanning, HTML and updating celebrity fact sheets.
Assist Senior Editors, Associate Editors with projects involving research.

Los Angeles Production

» Scott Free Productions

Contact Name: Marjorie Burns
Contact Phone: (310) 360-2330
We are currently looking for exceptional, professional, highly motivated students for the SPRING 2011 semester to intern 2-3 days a week for Ridley and Tony Scott's production company, Scott Free Productions (Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, Robin Hood, Unstoppable), based in West Hollywood.

Responsibilities would include reading/covering scripts, general office duties and runs (so a car, driver's license, and proof of insurance would be mandatory). Scott Free offers great experience, fantastic industry connections, and a superb way to learn the spec script market. This is not a paid internship, but we do cover lunch. College credit is required, so we need students currently enrolled in school and seeking internship credit.

Please send cover letter and resume to Prospective interns should indicate their rough availability (start/end dates and ideal weekdays to work) and whether they are interested in our feature or TV department.

» Warner Brothers

Contact Name: Lori Pascarella
Contact Phone: (818) 954-6690
Assist in the day to day and project activities of the Exhibitor Services Department of Warner Brothers Domestic Distribution. Duties include, but are not limited to, putting together pre party promotional materials, maintaining databases and compiling reports

Los Angeles T.V.

» ABC T.V.

Contact Name: Please see instructions below
Visit for more information.

» ABC, Inc

Contact Name: Please see instructions below
For additional information, visit

» Discovery TV

Contact Name: Peter D. Coogan
DO NOT ATTACH RESUME. Include resume as plain text in e-mail

2 month commitment: 16-20 hrs a week. Must have a reliable car, not for runs, but to get to Downey.

» E! Networks

Contact Name: Helen Cho
Contact Phone: (323) 954-2888
Assist producers, log interviews, observe producer and editors,
assist Avid express

» GRB Entertainment

Contact Name: Lisa Pollack
Contact Phone: (818) 728-7625
We are seeking responsible, enthusiastic interns with a strong interest in television development for our development, production, international sales, post and graphics departments. Interns will assist with research, writing and demo production as we develop and produce new shows. Our interns are given enormous amounts of responsibility. These positions are unpaid and available for college students seeking college credit only. Interested candidates please fax resumes and cover letters to 818-728-7601 (Attention Development) or email Interested Intern candidates should have excellent computer, research and writing skills and MUST RECEIVE COLLEGE CREDIT for the Internship. All applicants may apply for this position by sending their completed resume (in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word format) to the following address: GRB Entertainment 13400 Riverside Drive Sherman Oaks, California 91423 For more information please visit:


Contact Name: Kamala Frtizler
Contact Phone: (310) 907-2300
For dating, reality show: Parental Control
Organizing the auditions, getting auiditions prepped, office work, helping compile casting presentations to MTV Execs

» MTV Networks

Contact Name: Kelly Marino
Contact Phone: (310) 752-8011
Assisting producers in the office and one location, pulling tapes from library, logging, dubbing, researching, dail meetings. School year and summer.

» NTV International Corp

Contact Name: Jun Yumane
Contact Phone: (818) 954-0288
Japanese television network.

Duties: Research, setting up interviews, assisting
correspondents with news coverage.

School-year only

» Oil Factory Inc

Contact Name: Wade Alexander
Contact Phone: (310) 432-2900
We are a Music Video/Commercial Production company.

Duties for an intern can vary depending on that persons unique skills and interests, but can include assisting directors with research, assisting our music video rep with research; it is important that when we have shoots happening the interns get as much set experience as possible to get a feel for a professional production. Also, doing runs around town to various video vaults, thereby becoming familiar with the greater Los Angeles area. And ultimately experiencing the day-to-day of a production company, being able to see a project from start to finish: from treatment to being on MTV, or being aired as a commercial.

We generally take 2 interns at a time, preferably during the school-year, 2 for A/W and 2 for S/S. We will be looking to fill 2 spots after the holidays, so, around mid-January.

Please direct any interested students resumes to me.

» Tavis Smiley

Contact Name: Karen Imendorf
Contact Phone: (323) 953-5831
Television Production Company

» VH1

Contact Name: Michelle Del Rio
Contact Phone: (310) 907-2320
Email resume to address above.

Los Angeles- Film Publicity

» Rogers and Cowan

Contact Name: Victoria Endsley
Contact Phone: (310) 854-8153
Duties include creating media lists, writing press materials and media research

Los Angeles- Radio

» CBS Radio

Contact Name: Rob Castellon
Contact Phone: (323) 930-4449
Radio broadcasting company which specializes in sales and marketing for sponsorships and advertisement

Los Angeles-Casting

» DreamWorks

Contact Name: Wendy Siegel
Contact Phone: (818) 733-6007
Summer Internship Opportunity-Dreamworks, Casting

Description: The internship is under the casting department in DreamWorks. The intern is
responsible for phones, scheduling, tracking talent, filing, reading scripts, doing
breakdowns, making DVD and CD demos, and assisting executives.

Location: DreamWorks is located on Universal Lot in Universal City, CA. There is no
allowance for housing or transportation available for this internship.

Qualifications: Applicants must be currently enrolled as a full time student preferably
majoring in film. Basic office computer skills are necessary, knowledge of MAC is a plus.
This internship may be used for college credit.

Salary: We are offering a paid, 18 hour per week positions for the summer (May-August).
Additionally, interns enjoy a free breakfast and lunch.

How to apply: Applicants should submit a letter describing their interest in casting along
with their resume.

Contact: Please email your resume to ASAP.

Los Angeles-Film Editorials

» Film Fracture

Contact Name: Kathryn Schroeder
Contact Phone: (714) 309-4195
Duties include writing film reviews and editorial pieces for the online outlet of the company.

Los Angeles-Management

» The Collective

Contact Name: Francis Ramsden
Contact Phone: (310) 888-1596
Duties Include: Digital marketing research, banner design, digital marketing planning and execution

Los Angeles-Production

» Daniel L. Paulson Productions, Inc.

Contact Name: Steve Kennedy
Contact Phone: (310) 278-9749
Read screenplays and write critical reports. Participate in development meetings. There are
also minor Production Assistant duties, as well as minimal clerical work (ie filing and
answering phones)

» Defy Agency

Contact Name: Kelvin Li
Contact Phone: (310) 204-2340
Ext. 103

We are a creative production agency that provide video production, post production, potography, graphic and interactive design and brand development services.

Interns will assist in video productions as well as providing technical assistance to out
post-production department and search for projects in development

School-year internship
Summer internship

» Double Feature Films

Contact Name: Ameet Shukla
Contact Phone: (310) 887-1120
Duties include performing errands around LA, research, script coverage and general office/clerical duties

» Marvel Studios

Contact Name: Jordan Hudson
Contact Phone: (310) 220-8951
Tag and track physical and digital assets.

» Sony Pictures Studios

Contact Name: Tom McCarthy
Contact Phone: (310) 344-4492
Observe the post production sound process on a motion picture. Includes interaction with the picture editorial department, sound editorial department and Foley/ADR and mix stages.

» Studio Lambert

Contact Name: Dana Boratenski
Contact Phone: (424) 201-3559
TV Production and Editing Facility. Duties include answering phones, organizing files, taking lunch orders, logging and research information.

» Zucker Productions

Contact Name: Eric Katz
Contact Phone: (310) 656-9202
Duties include, but are not limited to: general office duties, script coverage, research, working with talent, coordinating production shoots, operating phones

Los Angeles-Production Company/Management

» Hot House Productions/RZO Managment

Contact Name: Michael Rizzo
Contact Phone: (213) 622-5100
Assist in film editing, communication liason with talent, assist with live comedy events, Production Sound Assistant

Los Angeles-Production/Management

» The Gotham Group

Contact Name: Joey Villarreal
Contact Phone: (310) 285-0001
Interns must be available 2-3 days a week. Interns will: provide assistance to all departments;
read and discuss scripts; assist in the process of developing projects; research scripts and
client information, perform general office duties, including copying, filing and distributing
information. Must have a positive attitude and an eagerness to learn about all facets of the
entertainment industry. This is a great opportunity to get an introduction to multiple different
aspects of the entertainment industry.

Los Angeles-Publicity

» Fox Broadcasting Company

Contact Name: Hayley St. Philip
To All Interested Juniors and Seniors:

The Publicity department at FOX Broadcasting Company in Los Angeles, CA is currently in
the process of hiring our Fall 2008 Internship Program. We are looking for enthusiastic,
outgoing, incredibly motivated students who are interested in all facets of publicity, public
relations, journalism, entertainment and communications.

We know school keeps you busy, so we are willing to work around your schedules. We do
ask that our interns work at least two days per week, preferably between the hours of
9:00am and 6:00pm. Your duties will consist of assembling and distributing clip packets,
assisting show publicists and other staff with various daily functions such as media
research, writing press releases and loglines, as well as aiding in special events such as
press junkets, premiere parties, and photo shoots. Interns will be involved with FOX
productions such as “American Idol," “Prison Break,” “24,” “HOUSE,” “The Simpsons,”
“Fringe,” “Family Guy,” “American Dad” and several others.

We would truly appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss our program in
further detail. We are a dynamic company with innovative ideas and high energy. Please
send your resume and a cover letter via e-mail:


*** SUBJECT LINE OF EMAIL: Please note what school you are from, what term (Summer,
Spring, or Fall) you are applying for and your name in the subject line of the email.
Ex. – University name - Fall 2008 – Your Name

Should you have any questions or need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to
contact me.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Hayley St. Philip
FOX Entertainment Publicity
Coordinator, FOX Publicity Internship Program

Los Angeles-Television Post Production

» Encore/Ascent Media Co.

Contact Name: Tom Kendall
Contact Phone: (323) 988-6624
Post Production Facility specializing in television editorial, telecine and visual effects. Duties include updating shot tracking sheets, organizing elements for visual effects, learn script breakdowns, observing meetings with producers and clients regarding project budgets.


» Universal Music Distribution

Contact Name: Kim Akers-Rowe
Contact Phone: (818) 531-9103
Main activities of company: Distribute pre-recorded music

List of duties an intern would perform:
Attend marketing meetings, accompany staff to retail accounts, research online opportunities, create retail signage, assist at artist in-store performances and coordinate music and DVD shipments.

School-year internship
Summer internship

Fax: 818-531-9251

Orange County

» Artcast

Contact Name: Brooke Carpenter
Artcast, a digital artwork company in Newport Beach, CA is seeking several interns with the following focuses: video editing and motion graphics, communications, and marketing. Interns will assist in the creation, editing, publicity, and distribution of digital artwork videos. We have projects available for both short and long term internships. 

When applying, please specify the internship that you are applying for.  Some of the duties for each internship are listed below. 

Video Editing and Motion Graphics Interns:
- Editing video art compositions in non-linear editing programs (Final Cut Pro)
- Coordinating and compiling new artwork for broadcast distribution 
- Collaborating with staff editor on graphic (Photoshop) and video editing

Communications Interns: 
- Sourcing new artistic content for broadcast distribution
- Planning and executing Social Media campaigns 
- Writing press releases and editorial pitches 

Marketing Interns:
- Researching new potential markets 
- Creating and implementing strategies to enter these new markets
- Work closely with other departments to ensure that their projects are being marketed successfully

Please send your cover letter and resume to our Coordinator, Brooke Carpenter (

» Coast Magazine

Contact Name: Jessica Peralta
Contact Phone: (714) 796-7919
Lifestyle magazine and website covering Orange County. Coast Magazine is seeking interns to assist with the following tasks:
--Shooting video for events, how-tos, related stories, etc.
--Writing short captions with details like names and locations for videos.
--Possible video editing.

Please contact Jessica Peralta for more information.

» PBS SoCal

Contact Name: Kellee Wallace
PBS SoCal offers opportunities in production, news and public affairs, web/graphic design, special events, grants/research, education/community engagement, social media, and marketing/public relations. We have a working studio here in Costa Mesa where we produce one show every Wednesday at 1pm called SoCaL Insider with Rick Reiff, and one show in the field called LA Art with Maria Hall-Brown.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Please review our internship opportunities page for the most updated information.

Orange County Film

» Main Street Films

Contact Name: Kristin Spillers
Contact Phone: 949.878.9650 x9559
Main Street Films
1176 Main Street #C
Irvine, CA 92614
Ph: 949.878.9650
Main Street Films handles the distribution, marketing and advertising for theatrical releases.

Kristin Spillers, Marketing Manager
Ph: 949.878.9650 x9559

Assist in the execution of outreach efforts to media and consumers for movies that are being released by Main Street Films. Assist with developing marketing strategies and executing action items for each movie release. This will include scheduling, social media posts, writing marketing copy, internet research and working closely with outside vendors. Will also include general office work and other tasks assigned by company executives. Main Street Films is a fast-paced, friendly environment filled with people who love movies!

Must be a self-starter, strong written & oral communication skills, superb organizational skills and attention to detail, and have an interest in learning about the film industry or marketing. Must be able to earn credit through the University for this position.

$10/hr 10-20 hrs per week.

Starting asap, through Fall term.

Please email your resume, cover letter and any writing samples you'd like us to see. Specifically, blog-type posts would be helpful. Also, social media is a huge part of marketing films, if you are a social media powerhouse, please send us links to your Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest pages!

» Newport Beach Film Festival

Contact Name: Anna Vrska
Contact Phone: (949) 253-2880
Newport Beach Film Festival
Contact Name: Anna Vrska
Contact Phone: (949) 253-2880 X223
Contact Email:
The Newport Beach Film Festival is seeking applicants for intern positions in the film submissions, operations and marketing departments. Interns will gain invaluable first-hand experience in festival production through working with skilled staff members on projects and events. Our 11th year will be the most exciting and best yet and we look forward to working with a great group of students!

Who:  The 2010 Newport Beach Film Festival

What:  Newport Beach Film Festival Internship

Where: The Newport Beach Film Festival Office-Newport Beach (Campus and MacArthur)

When:  Ongoing

Why: You can learn the business and art of the largest film festival in Orange County, you may earn class credit, and have an exciting time doing it!

Orange County- Online Networking

» Subset

Contact Name: Jared Levy
Contact Phone: (818) 968-0642
Subset M provides new media marketing for artists focusing on online campaigning and
social networking. An intern at Subset M would primarily work with different social networks to
get word out into cyberspace about these represented artists.

Projectionist Internship

» TPA Transcom

Contact Name: Tony Bandiera
Contact Phone: (310) 263-1997
Students will learn:
Film handling and inspection
preparing film for screening
principles of motion picture projection
proper machine functions and how to maintain them
basic trouble shooting
room prep and testing
presentation: lighting, sound, timing
intro to advanced topics: equipment choice, considerations in custom installations, integrating new and established technologies

Intern will train and learn under the supervision of a screening pro with the opportunity to project for a public screening

Open to students up to 3 dollars a quarter.

San Diego Radio Station, Public Relations and Advertising

» Clear Channel

Contact Name: Tiffany Nelson, Ashley Colombo
Internship includes working on a variety of on site events. Additional duties include general office duties and answering phones for on air personality.

Contact Information:
Tiffany Nelson- (858) 715-3229,
Ashley Colombo- (858) 522-5577,

Script Reader

» Management Company

Contact Name: Dire McCain
Contact Phone: (310) 358-3181
Management Company seeking Fall INTERN. Duties general include office tasks and reading/analysis of scripts. Candidate must be in college or have a degree, and plan to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. This is a fantastic opportunity to work in the business and be exposed to writers, directors and talent, all while learning industry protocol.
Please fax cover letter and resume to 310-358-3181, or e-mail to


» DreamWorks SKG

Contact Name: Philip Carlsen
Contact Phone: (818) 733-7414
DreamWorks Television is currently seeking highly motivated summer interns (for 2008). Duties include reading scripts, writing coverage, basic office duties, dubbing DVDs, and heavy creative research. This is a paid internship.

Please submit cover letters and resumes to

Thanks again!