UCI STudents

Culture and Theory Students

AndresElaine Kathryn Andres
Email: ekandres@uci.edu

Elaine's research interests include popular music and visual culture, transnational feminist practices, gender & sexuality studies, sexual health education, Asian American studies, Filipino/a American studies, and narrative and performance as praxis. 
BlissJames Bliss
Email: jbliss@uci.edu

James' research interests include 20th century US dissident autobiographies, with sustained theoretical engagements with Black feminist critical theory, psychoanalysis, historical materialism, and deconstruction. He is interested in how these texts theorize race, sexuality, gender, the state, political violence, affect, and subjectivity.
CarterLaShonda Carter
Email: lrcarter@uci.edu

LaShonda’s research is concerned with manifestations and the accrual of violence against black bodies as a result of institutional and systemic anti-black racism. She also researches the different modes of personal and political survival they develop in an attempt to respond to living in conditions of continuous incredible violence.  She holds a BA in African American Studies and in English from the University of California at Irvine.
ChamberlinChristopher Chamberlin
Email: cechambe@uci.edu

Christopher’s areas of interest include psychoanalysis (particularly Lacanian), Fanon, marxism, black studies (particularly black feminism), queer theory, affect, the subject, American studies, and the medical humanities. His dissertation examines a series of psychoanalytic case histories of patients with anti-black prejudice, published in the United States from 1940 to 1970, to develop a clinically-inflected theory of racism and anti-racism.
CheungErica Cheung
Email: ericamc1@uci.edu

Erica's interdisciplinary research explores the intersections of food as a racialized and gendered text, identity formation, critical landscapes, and cyberspace. As such, her current research looks at the discursive construction of Asian American racialized and hypermasculine identities within the popular culinary industry and narratives about food, eating, and cooking. Her larger project is interested in analyzing the production and consumption of food as performative self-making within the “global city” of Los Angeles.
LeeMeredith Lee
Email: meredicl@uci.edu

Meredith’s research questions how the fundamental entanglement of homosexuality, transsexuality, and intersexuality as well as the medico-scientific methods of sexology constitute the psychic and epistemological violence that continues to structure the doctor and psychiatrist as “objectively valid” and the transsexual as “merely subjective.” Her work analyzes what cultural, political, and economic conditions influenced the medico-scientific disentanglement of these classifications. Her research is situated within the fields of transgender studies, Black feminist theory, history of science, and critical theory.
ParkLinette Park
Email: linettep@uci.edu

Linette’s research areas include violence, imprisonment, mass incarceration, the Los Angeles Uprisings, and prisoner protests. Her work fundamentally interrogates the modalities of thought that constitute and produce the knowledge production, phenomenology, and abstraction of violence. She draws from critical and political theory, aesthetics, continental philosophy, philosophy of law and legal studies, critical race theory, black studies, and afropessimism.

She holds a BA in Studio Art from the University of California, Los Angeles, an MA in Critical Studies from the Aesthetics and Politics Program at the California Institute of the Arts, and has also completed coursework from the University of New South Wales and from the College of Fine Arts in Sydney, Australia. Linette is in the first cohort of the Law, Society, and Culture emphasis here at UC Irvine.
PruettJessica Pruett
Email: pruettj@uci.edu
RodriguezJudith Rodriguez
Email: judithr1@uci.edu

Judith’s work interrogates notions of ethno-nation and multiracialism within Puerto Rican Studies, Latina/o Studies, and Performance Studies. By centering the (neo)colonial concept of blanqueamiento (whitening) within the performative gestures of juridical discourse, film, theatre, and punk, she illuminates the violence produced by the transhistorical force of anti-Blackness and its effects on revolutionary possibilities in Puerto Rico and its diaspora. Her work is situated within Black Feminist and Black Diasporic Theory, Puerto Rican Studies, Latina/o Studies, and Performance Studies.
Raymond San Diego
Email: rsandieg@uci.edu

Ray's research interests currently include Asian/American Studies, Filipino/American Studies, queer theory, affect theory, biopolitics, pornography, electronically mediated sexual cultures, and performance studies.
Sara-Maria Sorentino
Email: ssorenti@uci.edu

Sara-Maria's research interests: black studies, the historiography of slavery, the philosophy of history, early modernity, political theology, Marxism, sovereignty, real abstraction, negativity, psychoanalysis.
YanigaAnne Yaniga
Email: ayaniga@uci.edu

Annie's research interests include sporting cultures, fitness and gender, self-care, and embodied subjectivity. She is currently finishing her dissertation (PhD expected Fall 2018), which is a two-year ethnographic study of a Southern California CrossFit community, focusing on female muscularity, as well as the intersection of fitness, self-care, embodied subjectivity, and Biopower. Annie earned her B.A. from the University of Chicago in 2005 (Sociology) and her MA from The University of California Irvine in 2014 (M.A. Thesis: Affective Being and Seeing: Hacking Information Capitalism). She is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Burkina Faso 2005-2006) and avid surfer.