UCI STudents

Culture and Theory Alumni

Diana Leong  (Graduated: 2016)

Placement: University of Utah

Appointment/Title: Assistant Professor

Diana is interested in posthumanism, science and technology studies, and the environmental humanities. Her dissertation, entitled “The Salt Bones: Toward a Slave Ship Ecology”, reads black literature as environmental philosophy, and argues that the slave ship is fundamental to the development of modern, ecological thought.

M. Shadee Malaklou  (Graduated: 2016)

Placement: Beloit College

Appointment/Title: Assistant Professor of Critical Identity Studies

Shadee's dissertation, "Chronopolitical Assemblages: Antiblackness, Desire, and Identification in Iranian Contexts," argues that modern ideologies of sex and gender appeal to social and political constructions of time to reproduce antiblackness. Shadee intervenes in three visual, transnational texts about gay and trans desires and identifications in Iranian contexts to substantiate this claim.

Mark Villegas  (Graduated: 2015)

Placement: Franklin and Marshall College

Appointment/Title: Assistant Professor of American Studies

Mark Redondo Villegas received his Ph.D. in Culture and Theory at UC Irvine. He was a recipient of two highly competitive UCI graduate student awards: the UC President's Dissertation Year award and the Faculty Mentor Program fellowship. He is the co-editor for the pioneering anthology Empire of Funk: Hip Hop and Representation in Filipina/o America (Cognella Academic Publishing, 2014). His research locates Filipino American hip hop performance within the historical context of U.S. imperialism and diaspora. He is currently writing a book manuscript tentatively titled Savage Vernacular: Performing Race, Memory, and Hip Hop in Filipino America. 

Chandiren (Diren) Valayden  (Graduated: 2013)

Diren's research interests include the colonial and post-colonial history of Mauritius, racial classifications, theories of the state, radical social theory and media and cultural studies.

Kara Hunt  (Graduated: 2012)