Koehn Public Lectures in Critical Theory

Through the Koehn Lectures, funded in part by an endowment gift from Dr. Michael Koehn, UCI Critical Theory brings major scholars to campus.

Fall 2015 (October): Jacqueline Rose, “Feminism and the Abomination of Violence”

Winter 2015 (March): Judith Butler Koehn,  “Versions of Binationalism in Said and Buber”

Spring 2014 (May): Undergraduate Conference, Tae Sung, Koehn Recipient

Spring 2014 (May): Hortense Spillers, “Some Speculations on Sentiment:  Women and Revolutions”

Fall 2012 (October): Benedict Anderson Koehn Lecture, “Monarchies in the Age of Nationalism”

Spring 2012: Undergraduate Conference, Tim Wong, Koehn Recipient

Fall 2011 (October): Gopal Balakrishnan, “The Convolution of Capitalism”

Spring 2011 (May): Undergraduate Conference, Nasser Mufti, Koehn Recipient

Spring 2010 (June): Slavoj Žižek, “On the Public Use of Reason”

Spring 2010  (May): Undergraduate Conference, Nasser Mufti, Koehn Recipient

Spring 2009 (May): Undergraduate Conference, Jason Willwerscheid, Koehn Recipient

Spring 2009 (May): Catherine Malabou

Spring 2008 (May): Undergraduate Conference Mia McIver-Koehn Recipient

Winter 2008 (February): Jacques Rancier, “The Contemporary Misadventures of Critical Thinking”

Spring 2007 (April): Undergraduate Conference, Jian Chen  - Koehn Recipient

Winter 2007 (February:) Alain Badiou/ Etienne Balibar, "Dialogue on “Universalism”

Spring 2006 (May): Stanley Fish 

Winter 2005 (March): Kaja Silverman, “Thoughts for our Times on Death and War”