Participating Faculty

Luis Aviles
Ph.D., Brown University; Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese and Comparative Literature (Golden Age literature)
Published Books
Ellen Burt
Ph.D., Yale University; Professor of English and Comparative Literature (19th-century French poetry, Enlightenment, autobiography, literary theory)
Published Books
Nahum Dimitri ChandlerPh.D., Chicago;Professor of African American Studies and Comparative Literature (modern philosophy, history of the human sciences)
Published Books
Herschel Farbman
Ph.D., Yale University; Associate Professor of French and Comparative Literature
Published Books
James Fujii
Ph.D., University of Chicago; Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures and Comparative Literature (modern Japanese literature, cultural studies, critical theory)
Published Books
Virginia Jackson
Ph.D., Princeton University, 1995, Comparative Literature; Associate Professor of English and UCI Endowed Chair in Rhetoric and Communication
Published Books
Laura Hyun Yi Kang
Ph.D., University of California at Santa Cruz; Associate Professor and Chair of Women's Studies and Associate Professor of Comparative Literature (gender studies, ethnic studies, visual culture)
Published Books
Ketu Katrak
Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College; Professor of Drama (Asian American literature, postcolonial studies, women's studies)
Rodrigo Lazo
Ph.D., University of Maryland; Associate Professor of English (Hemispheric American Studies; Nineteenth-Century; Latino Studies and the Americas; Cuba; Immigrant Literature)
Published Books
Catherine Liu
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara; Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies and Comparative Literature (modernism, cinema, theory)
Published Books
Julia R. Lupton
Ph.D., Yale University; Professor of English and Comparative Literature (Shakespeare; Renaissance literature; religious studies; humanities and the public sphere)
Published Books
Carrie J. Noland
Ph.D., Harvard University; Associate Professor of French and Italian (20th-century French literature and theory; poetry)
Published Books
Laura O'Connor
Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature (Irish and Anglophone literature; postcolonial studies; modern and contemporary poetry)
Published Books
Kavita Philip
Ph.D., Cornell University, Science and Technology Studies; Associate Professor of History
Published Books
R. Radhakrishnan
Ph.D., SUNY-Binghamton; Professor of Asian American Studies and Comparative Literature (critical theory, postcolonialism, globalization, minority discourse)
Published Books
Martin Schwab
Ph.D., University of Bielefeld; Professor of Philosophy and Comparative Literature
(19th- and 20th-century Continental philosophy; literature and other arts)
John H. Smith
Ph.D., Princeton University; Professor and Chair of German and Professor of Comparative Literature
(18th- and 19th-century German literature and intellectual history; literary theory)
Published Books
James Steintrager
Ph.D., Columbia University; Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature (18th-century European literature; aesthetics)
Published Books
Jennifer Terry
Ph.D., University of Santa Cruz; Associate Professor of Women's Studies and Comparative Literature
(cultural studies, science studies, sexuality)
Published Books
Tiffany Willoughby-Herard
Associate Professor, African American Studies and Comparative Literature;
(South Africa, poor whites, race in foreign policy, diaspora, comparative racial politics, black political thought, third world feminisms, feminist pedagogy)
Published Books
Hu Ying
Ph.D., Princeton University; Associate Professor, East Asian Languages & Literature (Modern Chinese literature and culture, translation study, feminist theories)
Published Books