Seminars for New Swan 2017

Department: Shakespeare Center

Post Date: May 4, 2017

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Pre-performance seminars: "5 things to look for" series is back!

Short talks by scholars and artists. New Swan, 7:00 pm.
Saturday July 15   The Tempest: Eli Simon and New Swan company
Saturday July 22   The Tempest: Dean Georges Van Den Abbeele, Humanities
Saturday July 29  Taming of the Shrew: Julia Lupton, English, UCI
Saturday  August 12 The Tempest: Sean Keilen, Shakespeare Workshop, UCSC
Sunday  August 13 Taming of the Shrew: Abby Heald, Literature, UCSC
Saturday  August 19  The Tempest: Dean Stephen Barker, Arts
Friday  August 25  The Tempest: Rebeca Helfer, English
Saturday  August 26  Taming of the Shrew: Ian Munro, Drama
Saturday September 2 The Tempest Dr. Greg Ungar and Adrian Alita, New Swan