OCT 22: "Journalism from Below: The Everyday Lives of Everyday People & The People's Archive of Rural India Online" with P. Sainath

Department: Literary Journalism

Date and Time: October 22, 2014 | 5:00 PM-6:30 PM

Event Location: Humanities Gateway 1030

Event Details

The Institute for International, Global and Regional Studies (IIGaRS), The
Center for Asian Studies, and the Program in Literary Journalism are proud
to welcome P. Sainath to UC Irvine October 22-23, 2014.

Please join us for the events:

Wednesday, October 22nd in HG 1030, from 5pm-6:30pm:

"Journalism from Below: The Everyday Lives of Everyday People & The
People's Archive of Rural India Online"

in discussion with Amy Wilentz, Professor, Literary Journalism and Vinayak
Chaturvedi, Associate Professor, History

Thursday, October 23rd in SSPA 1100, from 5pm-6:20pm:

"Slumdogs Vs. Millionaires: Inequality & Agrarian Distress in India"

About P. Sainath:

P. Sainath-the former Rural Editor of the Hindu  --  has won over 40
global and national awards for his reporting. He is the winner of the
Ramon Magsaysay Award in 2007, for Journalism Literature and Creative
Communications Arts. He was the first reporter to win Amnesty
International’s Global Human Rights Journalism Prize in 2000. He was also
the first Indian reporter to win the European Commission’s Lorenzo Natali
Prize for human rights journalism in 1995. Apart from the 40 plus  print
media awards, two documentary films on his work, ‘Nero’s Guests’ and A
Tribe of his Own,’ have between them picked up over 20 awards across the

Sainath is the author of "Everybody Loves a Good Drought" (Penguin India,
1996). In just the past few years, he has published well over 150
investigative reports on India’sagrarian crisis in The Hindu alone, the
largest journalistic body of work ever on India’s farming communities.
Many of those, stories from the households of marginal farmers and
landless labourers across the country.  He takes his own photographs for
all his reports. Since November 2001, an exhibition of Sainath’s
photographs has toured India, seen by well over half a million people to
date. The exhibit, Visible Work, Invisible Women: Women & Work in Rural
India mixes text with visuals and brings home the astonishing but
unacknowledged contribution that poor rural women make to the national

His latest project is an online archive – the People’s Archive of Rural
India. It aims at capturing the ‘everyday lives of everyday people’   –
their labour, languages, livelihoods, arts, crafts and many other aspects
of rural India.  Sainath has taught journalism at Princeton University,
Sophia Polytechnic (Mumbai) and the Asian College of Journalism (Chennai).

For Sainath's recent work, please see the following: