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God Eats Veggie Burgers

by Natasha Thakkar
A Chino Hills religious community struggles to build the temple of their dreams while studiously avoiding onion, garlic , and the wrath of their non-Hindu neighbors.

Imagining Tijuana
by William Hillyard
A longtime traveler to the city spends a night rediscovering what he's always loved about the place: local cuisine and street food, classical guitar, and Starbucks.

Nature of the Unknown
by Ryan Deto
In the wake of a tragic shark attack in Solana Beach, a writer contemplates our relationship with sharks both real and imagined.

Day As a Day Laborer
by Ryan Deto
A college student moonlights as a day laborer in some of Orange County's most exclusive gated communities.

Fighting the Flames
by Joshua Massatt
The firefight of a lifetime for a crew battling the Laguna Canyon blaze.

Beyond the Green Line
by Gray Beltran
Recovered snapshots from a civil war in Lebanon.

Two Families, One Heart
by Louise Truong
How a distant acquaintanceship between two Southern California families helped them to make the best of a terrible situation.